189 Thomas Hollis Makes a Gift to Harvard

    [February–July 1719]

    C. Receipt of John Gilbert

    London March 10, 1718/19

    Whereas Mr. Thomas Hollis of London Marchant hath shipt on bord the Patience and Judith Capt. John Osborne now bound for Boston in New England.

    Twelve Casks of Nales—marked TH No. 1. a. 12—and One Cask of cutlery ware No. 13—the whole vallue prime cost and charges amounting by Invoyce unto the Summe of One hundred and four pounds 4s.7d—and hath consigned the said goods to me John Gilbert and Comp. with orders to sell them to best advantage for his account. Now know ye that I the underwritten for self and Partner doe Promise and agree that we will doe our best in the disposal of the said goods. And doe hereby oblige my self and Partner to pay the full nett produce that shall be made of them in Boston aforesaid to the order of the said Thomas Hollis, and send to him a faire account of the whole in London, besides the account we will deliver with the produce to his order in Boston.

    John Gilbert

    London March 12, 1719 I doe appoint the neat produce of these goods to be paid to Mr. Increase Mather or the President in time being of Harvard Colledg for use of the said Colledg as I have directed and his or their receipt shall be your discharge.

    To Mr. John Gilbert and Partner

    Tho. Hollis

    Marchants in Boston

    Hollis-Leverett ms, Houghton Library.