79 Urian Oakes to Increase Mather

    [Cambridge, October 20 1677]

    Reverend Sir,

    This is only to entreat your Company at the Meeting of the Corporation, which we have appointed to be held here at Cambridge the next Tuesday about nine of the clock. You know already what will be the principall Things under Consideration; otherwise I would give you a short account of them. I intend to send you an Horse to Charlestown, to be at Mr. Shepard’s about 8 of the clock that Day. Not else but that I am,



    Urian Oakes.

    [Addressed:] For the Reverend Mr. Increase Mather at his House in Boston These.

    Corporation Papers. Harvard’s copy is a photostat of the recipient’s copy at the Massachusetts Historical Society (Washburn Collection, iii. 5). Oakes (A.B. 1649) served as Acting President and President from 1675 to 1681. Increase Mather (A.B. 1656) was Acting President, Rector, and President from 1685 to 1701. His activities on behalf of the College Charters of the 1690s, his dislike to living in Cambridge, and his efforts to resign are the subjects of many later documents.