221 President Leverett to the Fellows of Harvard College

    Cambridge Jan. 7, 1720/[21]


    I understand there has been a debauch at Sir Smiths Chamber the evening before last; that Nelson, and Wolcot of the Scholars were there, and others, not Scholars, and unknown also &c. These are to desire you to Examine into this disorder and take the Examination in writing with what Evidence you can obtain, and report the Same to me. And whereas the College laws prohibit the Scholars from keeping drink in their Chambers, and dependencies. And strict Orders have been given to them when they applied for the conveniencies of Cellars that they should not take in any Barrel or Barrels of Cyder, for their present spending; in order to the preventing debaucheries in their Chambers. And whereas there is cause of Suspicion, that Sundry of the Scholars have not regarded as they might the Strict prohibition, given them but have taken in Cyder &c. These are your [particulars?] to direct, and desire you, that Strict Search be made in all the Cellars, belonging both to Bachelors and undergraduates in all the houses, and to take cognisance of what Barrels of Cyder or other strong drink you find, and to whom Such Cyder or strong drink belong, or by whom the Same is claimed, and make report thereof as aforesaid, and let this be done forthwith.

    John Leveret Pres.

    To the Fellows of Harvard Coll[ege] These

    A true Copy compared

    College Papers, i. 47 (No. 106). The students mentioned were Thomas Smith (A.B. 1720), who was studying for his second degree, Paschal Nelson (A.B. 1721), whose earlier confession appears in No. 206, and John Wolcott (A.B. 1721).