146 Draft of a Letter from Increase Mather to William Blathwayt

    [March 6 1704/05]


    I thank you for the favour of your letter dated June 1, which I shewed to the Governour who is very forward to promote the obtaining a charter settlement for the Colledge, and accquaints me that he will write to yourselfe and to the Lord Commissioners about it. So that it is needless for me to say any thing further only to acknowledge your kindness in promising to promote that Affair. I suppose the governour will inform you of the difficulties hee meets of by reason of the prejudices which the Representatives in the General Court have against him. Were I in his case (and I say no less to the Governour) I would sooner go 3000 miles than continue to be a governour to a people so greatly prejudiced. But what I write of this matter is sub sigillo. Nor would I mention anything of this [matter?] to you, if I did not esteem you my particular friend, who am,

    Yours to serve

    To the honourable W. Blathwait Esq. at Whitehall

    College Papers, i. 37 (No. 85). This is a reply to Blathwayt’s letter of June 1 (No. 138); communications were slow in those days.