33 Citations of College Records


    A. Extracts from Overseers Records

    Present Governor Bellingham Mr. Simon Bradstreet Mr. Nowel Capt. Gookin &c.

    At a Meeting of the Overseers of Harvard College at the Presidents House in Cambridge the 7th of the 4th mo. 1654.

    The President and Fellows Salaries were Settled for the year. At the same meeting

    It is voted and agreed by the Overseers that if Mr. Samuel Eaton1 return to be Resident at the College at or before the next commencement he shall enjoy his Fellowship.

    At a meeting of the Honourable and Reverend Overseers of the College at Boston 2d of 9th mo. 1654.

    The Overseers tendered Mr. Chauncey By Mr. Mather and Mr. Norton the Presidents place, with a Stipend of 100 per annum.

    Present Governor Bellingham Capt. Gookin Major Atherton Mr. Mather &c.

    At a meeting of the Overseers of the College July 16 1660.

    The Overseers do order that the Revenues of the Money that is in the hand of Mr. Saltonstalls Bill of £300 shall be disposed of for the payment of the Fellows Annuity, untill there be other provision made in that behalf.

    The Treasurer of the College is ordered to make payment to the Fellows, what is at present due to them.

    Also ten pounds to the President.

    Present Mr. Willoby Deputy Governor Capt. Gookin Mr. Mather &c.

    At a meeting of the Overseers of the College at Cambridge March 27 1667.

    The Treasurer is ordered to pay the President one fourth Sallary of A Fellowship, for his Extraordinary pains in the want of Fellows.

    Present Governor Bellingham Mr. Bradstreet Esq. Mr. Simons Esq. &c.

    At a meeting of the Overseers of the College at Boston June 3 1669.

    The Overseers then ordered an Addition to the Senior Fellows Sallery of 15 pounds per Annum.

    To the Second Fellow an Addition of Eleven pounds per Annum.

    To the third Fellow an Addition of Seven pounds per Annum.

    These Several Articles are taken from an Old Book of Records of Overseers.

    [On reverse side]

    Present Governor Leverett Mr. Bradstreet Mr. Gookin Mr. Ting &c.

    At a Meeting of the Overseers at Boston [28] of Jan. 1677.

    It is Commended by the Overseers to the Corporation, that they choose another Fellow in the room and Stead of the Reverend Mr. Shephard deceased, and one to officiate on the place if they judge it needfull.

    At a Meeting of the Overseers in Boston March 7 1671/2.

    Ordered that the Fellows of the College so many of them as are Resident on the Place do joyntly take the whole Government of the College pro tempore. And for their Encouragement herein, the Overseers promised them a meet addition to their Allowances, &c.

    College Papers, i. 9 (No. 17); i. 63 (No. 136). The latter item is more complete, and is followed here. These extracts were probably prepared by Nicholas Sever (A.B. 1701), who was a Tutor, 1716–1728, and a Fellow of the Corporation, 1725–1728. The copies were made in connection with the controversy of the 1720s over the right of the Tutors to be considered also as Fellows of the Corporation. (See No. 256 following.) No. 17 is endorsed: An Extract from an Old Book of Records of the Overseers, shewing that the Overseers gave the Fellows their Salaries, for 20 years after the Charter was granted.