232 Thomas Hollis to John White

    London July 12, 1721

    Mr. John White


    I wrote unto you July 5 by the Neptune Capt. Steele, and inclosed my bill on Mr. John Pim for £56.11.0 Star., the amount of 2 chests of Arms shipt by his order in the Martha Galley Capt. Joseph Minot for Boston at 200 pC advance by agrement, which I hope wil arive safe, and that he wil make good payment. Since then I have received letters from Mr. President Leveret and Mr. Colman and Mr. Wadsworth relating to a divinity Professor, which I shal take into considration. I have not yet seen Mr. D. Neale to discorse him, and I beleive I shal have farther letters on your receipt of mine by Osborne and Lethered, which we are daily expecting to heare tydings of their safe arival at Boston, and then I may be enabled to answer better then now I can.

    I shal expect your thoughts about purchasing some real estate with my devoted moneys, because if my adventures succeed then the summe may be too troblesome for you to place at Interest and be too precarious for the Donations.

    You may in the meanwhile (till I write my self) acquaint the President that I aprove of John Owen1 whom he recomends to have my Exhibition of £10 per Annum for two or three Years. Mr. Nesbit has been proposing to me to nominate his Nephew who is student in your College for one of my Exhibitions, he being the grand Son of Dr. Chauncy decesed at London whom I knew, and respected.2 I tell him, I must wait the recomendation of the President, with whose Eyes I must see whether he be qualified according to the rules I have laid down—if he be—I shal willingly consent. When you write to me, your direction will be wel, if you say, For Thomas Hollis Senior Marchant in London. I have now another letter—anonimous—about Yale College. I know not the man, but supose him to be urged on to it by your Agent Dummer. I inclose it you. I have no inclination to be diverted from my projected design. If you know the Author, pray let him know so. I have told Dummer the same. My Love and Servise to you and all our Pious freinds.

    Your humble Servant

    Thomas Hollis

    July 12

    Last night I received your letter, which is coppy of that I answered dated May 8, and thank you. TH

    [Endorsed:] received Oct. 31. This and 2 before not answered through illness.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 19.