87 Instructions of General Court to Dudley and Richards

    [March 1682/83]

    Extract from the Instructions of the General Court of the Massachusets Bay to Joseph Dudley and John Richards Esq. their Agents in England passed in March 1682/3.

    You are also to take Notice, In Case you see Cause to deliver up the deeds for the Province of Mayn, that severall Tracts of Land have been granted to severall Persons; Viz, one to the Colledge of a Neck of Land called Mericoneag Neck and 1000 Acres lying in Casco Bay, also a Grant of 1000 Acres to Mr. Wharton, also a Grant to Mr. Russell Treasurer and severall Townships settled by the President of that Province, which were confirmed while you were here by this Court. All which Titles to the Soil should be excepted, when you make a Surrender of that Province.

    Merricaneag Neck Papers. Joseph Dudley (A.B. 1665) was President of the Council for New England, 1686, and Governor, 1702–1715. See Sibley, Sketches, ii. 167. John Richards served as College Treasurer, 1669–1682 and 1686–1693; he died in 1694. The document is printed in CSM Publications, xv. 278. Other Merricaneag Neck documents appear later, especially for 1730 and after. Legal documents relating to transfers of the land not involving the College may be found in this series, but have not been copied.