63 Will of Joseph Jewett

    [February 15 1660/61]

    I Joseph Jewett of Rowley being weak of Body but perfect in understanding and memory Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth

    Imprimis After my debts be paid, I desire the rest of my Goods may be equally divided among my Seven Children, as well those two that I have by my last wife as the five that I had before, always provided that my Eldest Son Jeremiah Jewett must have a double portion of all Estate I have both in New England and old whether personal or real, further provided, that one hundred pounds I have already paid to my Son Philip Nelson, that shall be counted as part of what I do now give him. Item I do give unto my Son Jeremiah Jewett the farm I bought of Joseph Mussey I mean all such lands bought of him or any other that are on the northwest side of the river called Egypt river with all the meadow I bought of Nathaniel Stow and Robert Lord Senior, provided he accept of it at five hundred pounds, and whereas in the fourth line it is said, I desire the rest of my Goods to be equally divided amongst my seven Children, I mean lands as well as Goods, and if any of them my abovesaid seven Children should depart this life before the age of twenty one years or day of Marriage, then their portions shall be equally divided amongst the rest, always provided my Eldest Son Jeremiah shall have a double portion, and as for my two Youngest Children and their portions I leave to the disposing of my Brother Maxemillian Jewett and who he shall appoint when he departeth this life; and I make Executors of this my last will and Testament my Brother Maxemillian Jewett, my Son Philip Nelson, my Son John Carlton, and my Son Jeremiah Jewett, always free and willing that they shall be satisfied out of my Estate for all such Pains and labour that they shall be at concerning the above premisses. Dated the 15th of February in the Year 1660.

    Signed and Sealed in the presence of us

    Joseph Jewitt (Seal)

    ezekiel northend

    Mark Prince

    At the Signing and Sealing hereof I do give my Executors full power to make Deeds and to Confirm any lands that I have sold to any.

    ezekiel northend

    Mark Prince

    Testified upon oath to be the last will and Testament of Mr. Joseph Jewitt by Ezekiel Northend and Mark Prince in Court held at Ipswich the 26th March 1661.

    per me Robert Lord Cler[icus]

    A true Copy of the original on file

    attest Daniel Appleton Register

    A true Copy examined per Samuel Tyley Cler[icus]

    Rowley Lands Papers; eighteenth-century copy. Jewett died in 1661; his bequest to the College (not specifically mentioned here) amounted to £60. See CSM Publications, xv. 53, 251; £60 was still due in 1683.