119 William Veasey to the Bishop of London

    New York, December 2d, 1699

    “There have been, and are great endeavours to Establish the Charter of N. England College, on which I beseech your Excellency to have an intense eye, as it, which if granted will be of a very fatal consequence to that very glorious work which God in a wonderful manner animated your Excellency to begin and still to advance for the diffusive good of his Church in all these American parts, and which startles and strangely dispirits our adversaries. I hope in some time we shall be able to send some scholars home to reap the benefit of it. For Mr. Paxton is diligent in his office, though on my Lord of London’s account disregarded as well as I by the Earl of Bellomont.”

    signed “Wm. Veasey.”

    Corporation Papers. Copy of part of original in Fulham Palace, London. William Vesey (A.B. 1693) was “the pugnacious first Rector of Trinity Church, New York”; see Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 558–559. Henry Compton was Bishop of London.