8 Various Grants and Deeds to Harvard College


    C. Extracts from the Wills of John Glover and Others, 1652–1714

    Extracted from the Will of Mr. John Glover1 of Boston bearing Date the 11th Day of April 1653, vizt:

    [In margin:] Entered 3

    And further that my Son Habakkuk shall have the said half of my House in Boston next Goodman Hudsons, with the half of the Yard and other Housing, and Tan Pitts, my Son Habakkuk paying within one year, to my Son Thomas Glover Ten Pounds, and to my Son Nathanael Glover Forty Pounds. And to Harvard Colledge at Cambridge, for and towards the maintenance of a Fellow there, Five Pounds a Year for ever. And if my beloved wife can Spare to give the said Five Pounds a year in her life time, I doubt not but She will give it.

    A Paragraph in the Will of John Walley2 Esq. of Boston deceased.


    I Give and Bequeath the Sum of One Hundred Pounds, to be Paid to the Treasurer for the time being of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge, to and for the Use of Two hopefull young Scholars, devoted to the service of the Ministry, being such as shall be approved by the President of the Colledge, the Minister of Cambridge, the Minister of the South-Church in Boston, and my Executor or any three of them, towards their Support and Maintenance at the Colledge at the Rate of Fifteen Pounds each per annum, for the space of Three years next after their having Taken their first Degree, and Ten Pounds towards the charge of their Second Degree and to be Dispensed accordingly.

    (The said £100. Paid in Bills, June 29th, 1719.)

    [In margin:] Entered

    A Copy of a Paragraph in the Will of Henry Webb3 bearing Date the 5th Day of April 1660 . . . vizt: Item, I Give and Bequeath unto Harvard Colledge next, and immediately after my Decease, my House and Land, which I lately Purchased of Henry Phillips, and was the late House of Samuel Oliver deceased with such Deed, or Deeds that concern the Same, the yearly Rent whereof to be Improved, after the due and necessary Repairs thereof is provided for, To be forever either for the maintenance, of some poor Scholar, or otherwise for the best Good of the Colledge, to be Improved by the Care and Discretion of the President and Overseers of this my will. And I further Give and bequeath unto the said Colledge the Sum of Fifty Pounds more, to be paid in speciall Good Pay within twelve months after my Decease, to be laid out by the Approbation of my Overseers, and the Overseers of the Colledge, in Some Pasture Ground or Small House, that may yield yearly Rent to be improved as aforesaid and that both it, and the House abovementioned, may be and continue as a yearly Income for the ends aforesaid for ever.

    A Copy of a Paragraph in the Will of James Penn4 Elder of the first Church of Christ in Boston, bearing Date the 29th Day of September 1671, vizt:

    Also I Give to my Kinsman Penn Townsend all my Farm at Pullin Point, also my dwelling House &c. Provided that he pay Ten Pounds yearly, out of the Farm to my Overseers; and after their Death to the Elders and Deacons of the first Church of Christ in Boston, Successively forever, by them to be Disposed of for the Maintenance of Such poor Scholar or Scholars, at the Colledge as they shall See good and if God Shall Please to Take away by Death Penn Townsend, before he have any Issue, lawfully begotten of his Body, or Leave no Issue, then my Will is that my Farm shall be wholly for the maintenance of poor Scholars as aforesaid.

    A Copy of a Clause in the last Will and Testament of Thomas Richards5 late of Boston Gentleman deceased bearing Date the 23d Day of November, 1714, vizt:

    Item I Give to Harvard Colledge in Cambridge Thirty Pounds. (The said Thirty Pounds paid.)

    [In margin:] Entered 4

    Extract from Mr. Robert Keayne6 of Boston his Will bearing Date August 1, 1653 . . . vizt:

    Now if the £120 and the £300 or any part thereof shall fall to the Colledge, my Desire is that It should be improved (not about the Buildings or Repairs of the College, for that I think the Countrey should do, and look after) but for the Use and help of such poor, and hopeful Scholars, whose Parents are not able comfortably to maintain them there, for their Diet, and Learning, or for some addition yearly, to the poorer sort of Fellows or Tutors whose Parents are not able, nor themselves have not ability, nor supplies otherwise to Defray their charge, and make their studies comfortable. So that my true Intent herein may easily be Discerned, which is not that one or two should enjoy the benefit of it all, or but for a year or two, but according to the Proportion of that Sum, which shall fall to the College my desire is, that the Godliest and most hopefullest, of the poorer sort of Scholars may have an addition to that which their Parents allow them of 20 or 40/ a year apiece, while they abide in the College, or till some Providence may help their supplies otherwise, or that as far as it will extend, Some may have the help of it, for 2, or 3 Years, and then others may have the help and Comfort of it, 2, or 3 years after, and so in order as long as the benefit of this Gift may Continue. Or whether It may prove more usefull to dispose of it, for an addition, or an inlargement to the Commons, of the poorer Sort of Scholars, which I have often heard is too short and bare for them. Therefore because I have little Insight in the true Ordering of Scholars, and other things thereto belonging, in a College way, and so possibly may Dispose of my Gift, where there is less need, and that It may do more good, If it had been Imployed in Some other way, I am willing to referr it to the President, Felloes and Overseers that are intrusted with the Care and Ordering of the College, and Scholars or Students with the things thereto belonging. Still taking in the Consent of my Executor, and of such of the Overseers of this my Will as shall then be alive, and what they together shall Judge, to be the best and most needfullest way of Imploying of it amongst the Scholars, I shall Consent to, and when the certain sum is known, that doth fall to the College, the President and Overseers may Confer with my Executor and Overseers, and to Cast up what such a sum would purchase by the year for 20 years, or a longer time, and if they agree and my Executor Consent to it, he may keep the Legacy in his own hands, and pay to the College yearly, for so long a time as they agree upon, so much per annum out of some part of my Lands or Houses, as they shall set apart for that end.

    [Endorsed:] Clauses of Wills of Messrs. Glover, Webb, Penn, Richards, Walley, Keayne.

    Wills, Gifts and Grants Papers, p. 3. These notes were compiled in the eighteenth-century. “Entered” refers to College Book IV, which appears in CSM Publications, xvi.