69 Extract from the Will of James Penn

    [September 29 1671]

    Extracted from the Will of Mr. James Penn bearing date the 29th of the 7 month 1671, and Recorded Lib. VII, pag. 153.

    Also I Give to my Kinsman Penn Townsend all my Farm at Pullin point. Also my Dwelling house with these Moveables as Followeth: A Bedstead feather bed and flock bed under it with that New Blanket and green Rugg with the green Curtains and Vallens about it, with a round Table and great Chest with Six Chairs with the little Andirons that are in the parlour Chimney. And all this to be Enjoyed after my Wifes decease. Provided that he pay Ten pounds yearly out of the Farm to my Overseers and after their Death to the Elders and Deacons of the first Church of Christ in Boston Successively forever by them to be Disposed of for the Maintainance of such Poor Scholar or Scholars at the Colledge as they shall see good; And if God shall please to take away by Death Penn Townsend before he have any Issue Lawfully begotten of his Body, or leave no Issue; Then my Will is That my Farm shall be wholly for the maintainance of Poor Scholars as aforesaid. And my Dwelling house I Give to the First Church of Christ in Boston forever.

    College Papers, I, Suppl. p. 8 (No. 15). James Penn came over with Winthrop and was a ruling Elder of the First Church in Boston. For the history of this bequest, see Morison, Seventeenth Century ii. 380.