65 Writ of Attachment

    [November 3 1662]

    To the Marshall Generall or Constable of Maulden or either of these deputies.

    You are required in his Majesties name to atach the goods and for want there of the bodyes of Mr. Edward Collens and Mr. Joseph Hill, Executors of the last will and testament of Mr. Henry Dunster, deceased, and take bond of them, to the value of five hundred pounds, with sufficient surety or sureties for theire apearance at the next County Court to be held at Salem, the last Tuessday of this month then and there to answer the complaynt of Mr. Joseph Humfry and Mr. Edmond Batter, Administrators of John Humfries Esq. deceased, in an action of the case, for that the said Dunster sold awaye a wind mill, of the said John Humfries Esq. and a Farme of his the said Humfries in Lynn, with a barne not delivered up according to Covenant, to the plaintiffs great damage, and hear of make a true returne under your hand, dated this 3d of 9ber 1662.

    per the Court Hillyard Veren

    Henry Dunster Papers. This photostat copy was received by the College Library in December, 1917. The original document was then in the possession of W. G. A. Turner, of Malden.