24 Salem’s Reply in Regard to a Contribution for the College

    [Salem, December 10 1653]

    To the Honoured Commitye for Harvet Coledge

    Wee the Selectmen for the Towne of Salem in consience of our Duty; and that wee may give offence to none, cannot but returne this answer, which is as wee find things apeare with us. We have apointed two Days latly to know the Townes mind what they would doe, in contributing to Harvet Coledge but we had a smale apearence, but of those that did apeare which was about 50 odd: 50 of them with drew, most of which were the most considerable that were formerly mentioned to have given. What those that did not apeare will doe wee know not. This is all at present wee can say that wee re[mayne] your servants in any way of God.

    WM. Hathorne

    George Corwin

    John Porter

    Roger Conant

    Jacob Barney

    Walter Price

    Corporation Papers. RC. The signatures are originals.