43 Appraisal of Mrs. Dunster’s Wood Lot

    [January 16 1655/56]

    Wee whose names are under written being desired by Thomas Danforth to veiw what wood and timber hath been cut downe and caried away from off the Lott in the neck of Land in Cambridge, sometime Mr. Glovers deceased, the whole lott conteyning by estimation as also by measure about sixty Acres whereof about 4 or 5 Acres is broaken up Land, wee haveing reviewed the said Land, and told the stubs so neare as we can this 16th of January 1655, the snow covering the ground in some places (so thicke) so as that we cannot certeinly say that wee have tould all, but of those that do to us appeare, we finde in number upon the unbroken land five hundred fifty one stubs of trees fallen; adding two for one of those that were smalest, and wee do judge that one tree with another would afford in Quantity one Load and a quarter a tree. And wee judge it worth in vallue (were it now standing on the ground) sixten pence a load, the vallue of the whole Amounting unto 647 load, and in worth: £43.02s.8d the greatest part whereof we are able to testifie have been fallen since Mr. Dunster had the rule or dispose of these lotts as may yet appeare by the stubs lately fallen. And also wee knowing the Lott since he had the same in his costody do know and affirme that it was a very well timbered and wooded Lott, and further we cannot say.

    Edward Goffe

    Thomas Goble

    Thomas Longhorne

    Attested upon oath in Court by Edward Goffe, Thomas Goble, Thomas Longhorne, i. (2) 56. in Court.

    Thomas Danforth Recorder.

    [On reverse:]

    Also Thomas Goble testifieth that it was after the decease of Mrs. Dunster that he saw the lott very well timbered and wooded, and now is taken away as within expressed.

    attested upon oath in Court 1. (2) 56. By Thomas Goble Senior

    Thomas Danforth Recorder

    [Endorsed:] Appraisement of wood in the necke 43.02.08 16 (11) 55.

    Henry Dunster Papers. Introduced in the 1656 lawsuit.