25 Topsfield’s Response to the Appeal for Funds

    [Topsfield, March 2 1653/54]

    Worshipfull and well beloved

    We did some times since receive a letter conserning some voluntary gifts for the maintenance of the Collage. The which was seene by severall but we had not a meeting for them to give their positive answer, untill we received a note from your worship some few dayes since. And when our Inhabitants ware meet together after some debate this they returne as their answer.

    That the worke ought to be furthered and incoridged but our pinching nessesitie doth enforce us to forbeare doeing what our desire is to doe; for we are in our Infancie, being but few in number (abought 14 families) and weake in esstate; and our charges for the ministry and otherwise very great; but our nessesitie constraineth us therto, though beyond our abilities. Therfor we must returne this as our answer (that though our mindes be to give to such an nessesary worke; yet at present we cannot give).

    Dated the

    per William Howard

    in the name of the Towne

    [Endorsed:] Returne of Topsfeald is nothing.

    Corporation Papers. RC.