151 Henry Newman to Henry Flynt

    London, 9th June, 1707

    Dear Sir

    I have yours of the 18th October last have not yet heard anything further of Elizabeth King and now dispair of it. If my Cousin Josiah be still out of imploy I have recommended him to Mr. Belcher.1 Please to tell him I have not yet received his wages from Commissioner Dummer2 but am promised it as soon as he can get of the Government a Consideration for that Packet Boat he was in.

    I send you by Mr. Brattles Box 3 Books for the Lib[rary]: viz. Present State of England by the Author John Chamberlain Esq.,3 Quebec Catecheme presented by the same Person, and the Hymns used in the Liturgy of Armenia in the Armenian Caracter presented by the Most Reverend Thomas Wardapiet4 Archbishop of that Country, for which and other books that I may hereafter procure, I must beg you to send to every Donor a Letter of Thanks in as few words as you will in the Name of the Corporation. This is the only return expected and may occasion further bounty and will at the same time vouch for my care in transmitting them. You may only spare the Compliment to the Archbishop because he is just now returning to his own Country after having been loaded with Civilities in this Nation. He lately made a Journey to Oxford where he was caressed with abundance of respect; during his stay there the University bore all his expences, and in a solemn full Theatre conferred upon him the Degree of Doctor of Divinity and made his Nephew Master of Arts, concluding the Day with a Noble Treat and Consort of Musick at the Charge of the University. At his coming away they presented him (in the Name of the University) with 6 Chests of Books Printed at the Theatre as their small mite towards his Generous Undertaking and were so excessive generous as to send ’em at their own charge to London.

    I sent you some Account of the Jubilee at Franckfort to which please to accept of a Copy of the King of Prussia’s Letter to the Queen on that Occasion.

    For other News allow me to referr you to Mr. Leveret and Mr. Brattle. I assisted Mr. Bletsoe in curtailing a Catalogue according to the Money he had to lay out, and am always.

    Sir, Your most Obedient humble Servant,

    Henry Newman

    My humble Duty to my Aunt and Cousins.

    If you please to let the Archbishops Speech be copy’d into his Book for a Memorial of him.

    [Addressed:] For Mr. Henry Flint per H. Newman. Fellow of Harvard Colledge in New England at Cambridge, per Her Majesties Ship Reserve.

    College Papers, i. 41 (No. 92). Henry Newman (A.B. 1687) became Agent for the College in London in 1709. He was a nephew of Henry Flynt (A.B. 1693), long-term Tutor and Fellow.