140 Constantine Phips to the General Court

    Extract of a Letter from Constantine Phipps Esq. Dated July 22, 1704 to the General Assembly vizt.

    I spake privately to some of the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations concerning the settlement of Harvard Colledge and Desired to know if it were proper to apply to the Queen for a Charter, for that Purpose. They shewed a great Inclination to it, and Told me They beleived It might be Effected if it came recommended by the Governour and Councill and not else.

    College Papers, i. 36 (No. 80). Constantine Phips was Attorney General for Ireland and held, with Sir Henry Ashurst, the Agency at London for Massachusetts. See John G. Palfrey, A Compendious History of New England (Boston, 1875 edition), iv. 164, n.