35 Dunster’s Petition to the General Court

    [October 17 1654]

    To the Honoured and Worshipful Richard Bellingham Esq. Governour John Endicot Esq. Deputy Governour with the rest of the Honoured Assistants and Deputies in Generall Courtt att Boston assembled.

    The Petition of Henry Dunster Guardian of the children of Joss. Glover late Rector of Sutton in the County of Surrey. Humbly sheweth—

    That whereas since the death of Elizabeth the relict of the aforesaid Joss, and late wife of your humble Petitioner in the yeare 1643 the children of the said Joss, and Elizabeth were committed to the care ordering education and dispose of Mr. Increase Nowell Mr. Will Hibbings Capt. George Cooke and your humble Petitioner especially; together with certaine Lands Goods and chattels to be disposed as this Court should direct. And that now all the said Children having had liberall education suitable to their and the Countries condition being come to full Age and disposed of to the good satisfaction of their freinds; but the remainder of the aforesaid Lands Goods and chattels with a just surrender of the same to the sundry persons thereunto makeing claime seeing it cannot securely be made out or over to any person or persons without the Authority of this Court soe as to safe harmelesse the aforesaid Gentlemen and your humble Petitioner them their Heires and Executors. By reason of the manifold intricacies arising from the will of the aforesaid Joss, disclaimed by one of the Executors and the other being dead; noe administrator being legally constituted of that parte of the estate which is in this Country; Sundry persons also thereto laiing claime and that upon sundry titles interests and pleas; parte thereof alsoe being recovered out of the hand of your Petitioner by the Aturneys of John Glover, Heire of the said Joss, and Elizabeth, yet being liable to have his title questioned whence irreparable dammages in the interim befall the said Lands and Houses whilst noe man cann with security hinder the same and hurt hereby comeing to the whole commonwealth.

    May it therfore please this Honoured Court to make constitute and appoint an administrator who may be impowered to mannage the whole estate remaineing, to take in and give up accompts thereof to three or more prudent conscionable and uninterested men who may be impowered to receave examine and regulate the same accompts according to all good conscience and the same soe ordered and every ones due proportion and interest unto the said estate by them determined may returne and resigne up the issue of their act or acts unto this said Honoured Court which with the grounds thereof being here from yeare to yeare seene and allowed. Or any other way according to your Prudence being ordered for the ends aforesaid. All litigious and vexatious suites may be avoyded personall rights peaceably may be obtained, and the weale public consulted for; to the Honour of God and satisfaction of all men which with Gods blessing upon all your waighty labours and consultations is and by Gods Grace evermore shall be the desire endeavour and prayer

    Your humble Petitioner

    Henry Dunster.

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    The Deputyes desire our honoured magistrates would be pleased to give answer to this petition in the first place.

    18 (8) 1654

    William Torrey Clericus

    The Magistrates refer this petition to the Comittee of petition consideration

    24 October 54

    Edw. Rawson Secretary

    The Deputyes consent thereto.

    William Torrey Cleri[cus]

    [Note tipped in, page 3]

    Charlestowne the 16th of the 8th mo. 1654

    Mr. Dunster my best wishes to your selfe, and Mrs. Dunster remembered [to her?] I have looked over the records of the last Corts in 43, and all 44 and 45, and find not any order about us foure in any of those generall Corts orders onely I find amongst the actions the 4th of the 4th mo. 44 an action Mr. Henry Dunster Mr. William Hibbons1 Increase Nowell, and Capt. George Cooke being Committees of the Corte against the estate of Mr. Joseph Davies, found for the plaintiff that £1018 10s 2d and judgment for what is in the Country for Mr. Dunster to be disposed as the Corte shall direct. This is what cometh to hand, so not having else I commend yourselves and all your affaires to the protection, and direction of the Lord Almighty, and in him I rest. Yours to use Increase Nowell.

    Henry Dunster Papers. The signature on the petition is Dunster’s.