233 Thomas Hollis to John White

    London August 4, 1721

    Mr. John White


    I wrote unto you the 5 July by Capt. Steel, and sent a Coppy the 12 July by Capt. George Janverin. Inclosed was an order on Mr. John Pim for £167.11.0 NE money for 2 chests of Armes sent him by his order in the Martha Galley Capt. Joseph Minot which ship I hope will arive safe, and he will make good payment to you for uses I have apointed in your College. I shal be glad to heare from you that he has complied with his last years contracts.

    I have received advice from Mr. Cradock that he had received all my Adventures by Osborne and Lethered well Conditioned, and that he had signed his contracts for payment to you as agreed—which I am glad of, and bles God for.

    I have newly seen Colonel Taylor of NE, who expresses to me a kind concern for your College, though himself is of the C. of England. Discoursing him about the future improvement of my donations to raise an income to defray the Expences annually to the Professor and Students, whether by Lands or houses he diswads from either, land not making 4 pC and houses liable to fier, but rather to lend it out at 6 pC the common Intrest on good Securitys duely Registred, and that there is Securitys enuf to be had alwayes for what sums you please. If you find it so then my thoughts will be quieted and I may easily procead to finish and settle my projected scheme which is now I hope almost brought into forme.

    I shal rejoyce to heare your fears about the spreding of the Smal Pox are prevented, and that the distemper ceases.1

    I have received Mr. Colemans letter May 5 and now 3 more together from him by C. Letherid dated June 6, 19, 26, the last signed by Mr. President and him.

    If it please God this above adventure and what I mention here belowe arive safe and payments duely enter, you will be able to make a computation how much more Goods I need to send next yeare to compleat to my devoted Trust. My desire is to have ten students on my foundation, if so many may be found, qualified, as my Institutions direct—and a Professor of Divinity—at my sole charge, and hereby incorage some other publick Spirits to raise and maintain Professors in the other useful Sciences as the Universitys abroad are furnisht.

    August 5.

    Since the writing the foregoing lines I am favored with yours dated the 5 June by Capt. Blague. It is needles to direct for me at J. Williams, you need onely to direct your letters for Tho. Hollis Senior Marchant London. My name is wel known at the post offices, and your Captains for sake of one penny a letter put all on shore at first office they ankor at, and then every scrap of paper and cover and letter is 4d per oz 3d. Wherein you inform me of receipt of my bills on Cradock and Gilbert for which I thank you. And as it is a bargain I made with Cradock as wel to serve him—as my self—I hope he will comply with his agrement. And I renew my request to you to let me know how he complies in his time. I was incoraged to it—and hope stil for his compliance in times agreed—on information he is intrusted by James Gilberts Creditors to receive and remit hither his large effects of more then Ten Thousand pounds due in NE and I am of opinion he will straine a point with them rather then forfeit any Credit with the Tresurer of Harvard Colledg on the bills of Thomas Hollis. Thus I argued in my thoughts on those and this present adventure—time will shew how Justly. In the mean while I am your thankful debtor for your labour care and concern in my affaires, and doing of it in so christianlike a manner, which pleases me greatly.

    I have another letter by this ship from Yale College by some person who says he chuses to be Incog, and so I must let him remaine. I supose your Agent Dummer stirs him up.

    I shal desire you on calculation of what may be wanting to make up my devoted trust to speake to Mr. Tyler or to Mr. Cradock which of them you judg best to be securest in paying, to send me over some contracted orders for Ironmongri ware, to be shipt next spring for them to pay my Bills to you as formerly.

    August 14, 1721

    I have shipt in the Seaflower, Capt. John Janurin fifteen casks of Nales one Cask of Ironmongers wares one bundle of frying pans @ T H 1.a. 17—bought of Mr. James Gilbert—and by orders of Mr. Cradock and Gilbert of Boston, and consigned to them and drawn my bill on them for the amount of £104.7.9 Star, at £190 pC. NE money advance, cleare nett of all charges by our agrement, if please God said Ship arives safe and the goods received well conditioned, which I compute to make £302.10.0 NE moneys and I hope will be well paid in Course.

    My Love and Servise to you and my good freinds.

    Your Loving Friend

    Thomas Hollis

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 20.