12 Summary of the Returns of the Commissioners for the Appeal for Funds

    [May 20 1652]

    The returne of the Commissioners of the severall Townes for the Colledge Contrybution Returned as followes

    Salem no returne

    Charlestowne no returne

    £10 per annum

    Dorchester not presented


    Boston no present returne



    Watertown no returne


    Lyn no returne

    Cambridge no Legall returne


    Ipswitch no Legall returne





    Hingham no returne

    Concord no returne

    £5 per annum for 7 years

    Dedham no returne


    Salsbury no returne

    Hampton Seventeene


    Rowley no returne


    [Column 2]

    Sudbury no returne


    Braintry no returne


    Strawbury Bank

    Gloucester no returne



    Wenham no returne



    Readinge no eturne




    Meadfeild twenty five


    The Deputyes on a hearing of the returne of the severall Deputyes in the Case about the Colledg doe judge meete to referr the Determination of what may concerne the former to a further hearinge the next sessions and in the meane time desire the severall Deputyes to endevour to give a more full answer there unto and to bring in the subscriptions of the severall Townes the next sessions.

    voted by the Deputyes Wm. Torrey.

    Corporation Papers. Most of the sums appear to have been added later, after the documents following for 1653 were received. For the Colony’s attempt to collect contributions to the College from the towns see Morison, Seventeenth Century, i. 27–30 and ii. 573–574, where a document, from the Massachusetts Archives, very similar to this, is printed. See also Hoffmann, Commonwealth College, pp. 95–99. The returns were in response to a circular issued on October 31, 1653, by a legislative committee, headed by Increase Nowell, Secretary of the Colony.