114 Notes by Increase Mather

    [ca. October 3 1698]

    At a meeting of the Corporation

    That so the Worship of God, and Knowledge of the original Languages may be carried on to greater Edification, It is ordered, That with prayer in the Colledge hall the Scripture shall be read every evening and morning, and that all the scholars diligently attend the publick worship, and that the [present?] Tutors do something by way of exposition of the Scripture at least once every week. And that instead of reading out of the original Tongues in the Colledge hall, the Tutors shall cause their pupils to read in their chambers every day1 at least 20 verses in the N.T. out of English into Greek: And such of their pupils as have been a year in the Colledge shall be obliged to read daily2 in the old T. at least 6 verses out of English into Hebrew.

    In order to the further encouragement of the present Tutors,3 it is voted that to their Salary of £30 per Annum there shall be added to each of them £20 more to be payed in money by the Treasurer.4

    For the further encouragement of the present Tutors, it is ordered that whilst there are but 2 of them they shall be allowed after the proportion of £50 per annum to each of them to be payed in money by the Treasurer.

    College Papers, i. 13 (No. 32). These memoranda in the hand of Increase Mather suggest agenda for a Corporation meeting rather than notes made from the minutes. Cf. Corporation votes of October 3 and December 5, 1698 in CSM Publications, xv. 361–362.