128 Draft of an Address from the Corporation to Governor Dudley

    [September 26 1702]

    To his Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. Captain General and Governour in cheif of the province of Massachusets bay and New Hampshire In New England &c.

    The Humble Address of the Vice-president and Fellows of Harvard Colledg Sheweth

    That whereas the said Colledg hath by divine favour been a rich blessing to these Western English plantations for many years, but now Languisheth under an unhappy defect of a setled Government in it which bodes its dissolution unless some speedy and Effectual Course be taken for obtaining its reestablishment which under God depends on the propitious Countenance of her most Excellent Majesty Queen Ann. And inasmuch as this affaire was Laid before his Late Majesty King William of Glorious Memory by the General Assembly of this province and was depending at his decease we to whose Care the present oversight of said Society is committed being deeply sensible of and affected with its deplorable State cannot but with greatest Ardency commend to Your Excellency our Solicitous Request that you will deign to improve Your interest for the obtaining of Such a Settlement for it as may restore it again to a flourishing State and may answer the Ends of the first founding of it, for which after generations may call you blessed. Nothing doubting of your tender regard for it and readyness to entertain this application of ours with a favourable Countenance we dare not to presume to offer any advice of ours concerning the proper measures to be taken in pursuit of this great Concern but are abundantly satisfyed in Your Excellency’s prudence and promise ourselves that you wil easily obviate all those aspersions which have bin without Reason cast upon this Nursery and Set things in a better Light before her Majesty whose Loyal Subjects we profess ourselves and for whose Long and prosperous Reign we dayly present our ardent Requests. Wee Commend Your Excellency and all Your more weighty affairs to the Conduct and blessing of the Great God.

    Who are Your Excellencys most Humble


    College Papers, i. 39 (No. 69). The date appears to be in Increase Mather’s hand. Joseph Dudley (A.B. 1665) took up office as Governor on June 11, 1702. His coming resulted in a number of addresses from those concerned with the state of the College. The two following documents, though undated, may also be assigned to 1702. Samuel Willard, Vice-President of the College and in effect Mather’s successor in charge, was a brother-in-law of Dudley.