73 Vote of Portsmouth, New Hampshire


    At a general Town meeting held 13th March 1672/3 It is Voted and consented unto by the Town, as conserning the Subscriptions made for the Colledge in the year 1669 for Seaven years following at 60 per annum. That what was promised may be done to Effect. Those persons that will stand to their subscriptions and pay them according to the true intent thereof shall be excepted; what remains shall be levied per way of Rates made per the Selectmen annually upon the rest of the Inhabitants, and it shall be paid in goods at prices current in the year as it is paid.

    the words of the Vote, attest Geo. Vaughan


    as it is paid. i.e. as the County Taxes are paid.

    College Papers, i. 9 (No. 18). For Portsmouth’s subscription of 1669, see Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 373–376. In No. 77 Richard Cutt provides by Will for his portion (£20 per year) of this contribution.