115 Draft of the Corporation’s Petition Regarding a Vice-President

    [November 23 1698]

    To the Honourable the Lieut. Governour, Council, and Representatives, in General Court Assembled.

    Inasmuch as the Condition of Harvard Colledge renders it highly necessary, for sound further provision, to bee made for the welfare thereof, It is Humbly proposed unto this Honourable Assembly That in case the Corporation of the said Colledge can prevail with either Mr. N.H. or Mr. S.D. or Mr. N.W.1 to accept the place of a Vice-president, and Remove unto the Colledge, and there perform the work usually attended by presidents residing at the Colledge, and necessary to be done for the Advancement of Learning and pure Religion both in Doctrine and Worship, under the Concurral, Assistance and Countenance of the Reverend President (the Continuance of whose Relation to the Colledge is on all accounts needful) and on his Absence to have the full power of the president. This Honoured Court would please to order for such a vice-president such encouragement as may bee judged Agreeable while hee shall Devote himself unto a Service of so much Importance.

    College Papers, i. 21 (No. 54). The final version of this petition is printed in Acts and Resolves, vii. 609. It is signed by James Allen, for the Corporation, and does not include the initials of the possible vice-presidents. This draft is in Cotton Mather’s handwriting. Numerous words are crossed out. Cf. Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 521–522.