205 Thomas Hollis to Treasurer White

    London April 14, 1720

    Mr. John White


    I received from Mr. G. Cradock your receipt dated July 11 last yeare for bills and notes £296.16.1 which notes I hope are now all entred into cash for uses in your College as I have or shal direct.

    I now send you inclosed four bills or notes of Mr. John Tyler’s hand to pay at times therein mentioned to my Order for several adventures I have made by agrement with him in the ships following, without deduction, except in case of accident or damage by sea.

    by Captain Chadder—in six months after Arival and well conditioned two Chests of Armes

    159. 9.0

    by the Mary Capt. Lethered, 4 Chests Armes cost £53.2.0 Star, cheape bought to sell for my account and to pay the Neate produce with out Commission to my order. I hope will make above

    160. 0.0

    by the Alicant Daniel Martin in 3 Months after safe arival to pay for 9 casks Nales


    by the St. George Thomas Grose—one hogshed Ironmongry Wares—agreed to pay in Six Months

    170. 6.6

    the three first ships are all forward on their Voyage and the last now reddy to depart—and Mr. Tyler sailes in her. I pray God preserve them all.

    All which notes I have indorsed payable unto you and when you have received them I desire your receipt may be sent unto me, and that the several Sums may be placed in my name, in your College Register with the summe paid you last yeare by my order.

    And When the bills are entred into your Cash I desire the money may be securely placed out to Interest and the annual Increase is designed for the Incouragement of poor pious Students for the Ministry.

    I have written for advice and direction to your worthy President and to Mr. E. Colman, how I should word my Mind in this Donation, and what farther I may be inclined to send and add to it, if the Governors of your College for time being and coming are willing to undertake the troble of this my Trust.

    My love and Respects tendred to all the worthy Gentlemen accept the same your self from

    Your Loving Friend

    Tho. Hollis

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 6. Two copies of the letter are preserved here, doubtless sent by different ships.