81 The Bequest of Daniel Russell


    Some writings refering to the Reverend Mr. Daniel Russel’s Will, of Hartford, Dec. 20, 1678. In which Will he gave a thousand Acres of Land at Winter Harbour to the college.

    Know all men by these Presents, that I Hombinowitt, alias John Rogomuck Indian of Saco in the County of Yorkshire, for and in consideration of satisfaction allready received in hand, have, and by these Presents do absolutely give, grant, assign, and seal and confirm unto Lieutenant William Phillips of Boston in the County of Suffolk in New-England, on the west side of Saco River from the Salmon Falls to Chaÿton Sondays Rocks and so upwards in the countrey to his furthest extent, with all the Liberties, Priveleges, & Appurtenances thereto in any wise belonging or appertaining, to him the said Liut. Phillips, his Heirs and Assigns, and to his or their use for ever, as witness my hand and seal, this 29th day of August.

    Signed, sealed and delivered

    The Mark of * Hombinowitt

    in the presence of us

    alias, Mr. John Rogomock

    Robert Field

    Ezbon Sandford

    [his seal]

    William Cannon

    John Alden

    This is a true copy of the original word for word, examined the first day of September, 1667. Per Robert Howard, Not. Publ. Massachusetts Coloniae novae Angliae.

    on the backside of the above Instrument, is written thus, viz.

    Memorandum, that the within specified was taken possession of by Liut. John Pick of Newberry in New England, from the within mentioned Rogomock, in the presence of Archelaus Woodman, John Guess both of Turf & Twig, the seventeenth of Sept. in the year 1660 for the peice of William Phillips.

    Know all men by these Presents, that I Mogheiggon of Saco River in New England, son and Heir to Walter Heiggon Sagamore of the said River, but now deceased, do, for and in consideration of a certain Summ recieved by me, well and truely paid in goods by Mr. William Phillips of Saco, the Receipt whereof I do acknowledge myself being fully satisfied and paid; have given, . . . unto the said Mr. William Phillips of Saco, a Tract of Land being bounded with Saco River on the North East side, and Kenebonk River on the South East side, in breadth from one River to the other River aforesaid, and in length begining at the Sea side and runing up each River unto Salmon Falls on Saco River, and as far up Kenibonk untill it be opposite with the said Salmon Falls, which Falls is to be understood Falls about fifteen miles upwards from the Saw-mills at Saco Falls; he the said Phillips to have and to hold the said Land with all Timber, Woods, Marshes, and all the Growth thereon for him . . . . For the true performance of the Premised I have this last day of May subscribed my hand and signed my seal in the year of our Lord 1664.

    Signed, sealed and delivered


    in the presence of us

    his σ mark

    John Wakefield, his 4 mark

    [his seal]

    Mary Wakefield her M mark

    This is a true copy of the original word for word, examined the first day of Sept. 1677 Per Robert Howard Not. Publ. Massachusetts Coloniae novae Angliae.

    on the back side of the Immediately preceeding Paper, or deed, I find written as follows,

    Know all men by these Presents, that we Edward Heiggon and John Heiggon, sons of Edward Heiggon, which said Edward Heiggon was eldest son unto Mr. Watt Heiggon, do for several considerations moving hereunto, by these Presents give and set over all my Right, Tithe and Interest of the said Parcel of Land, expressed in the within mentioned deed, to which we have hereunto set our hands and seals this seventeenth day of August, 1669.

    Signed, sealed and delivered

    Mark K of

    [his seal]

    in the presence of us,

    Edward Heiggon

    Francis Hooke

    the X mark of

    Nicholas Lash

    John Heiggon

    [his seal]

    This Instrument within written entered in the Records of the County of York, alias Province (written through mistake Providence) of Mayn, this 14 of July 1669.

    This is a true copy of the Indorsement of the original, examined the first day of Sept. 1677. per Robert Howard Not[arius] Publ[icus] Massachusitt Coloniae Novae Angliae.

    William Phillips of Winter Harbour in the Province of Main and Bridget his Wife, by a firm deed Aug. 30, 1673, conveyed to Mr. Richard Russel of Charlstown, Merchant, his Heirs and Assignes forever two thousand five hundred Acres of Land bounded in said deed as follows, viz Lying and being upon Saco River, Joining to and begining at the upper part of Salmon Falls in the Province aforesaid, being in breadth up by Saco River northwest one mile being on the Westward side of said River, and to run in Length upon the main Land so far on the said Breadth as to make up the said Quantity or number of two thousand five hundred Acres, and is butting upon Saco River Eastwardly, and on the Land of the said Phillips Westwardly. The above deed was witnessed by Gershom Hobart and Paul Dudley; ’twas acknowledged Apr. 8 1675 before Edward Rishworth Assotiate and entered in the new Book of Records of the county of York pa. 137.

    Mr. Richard Russel of Charlestown, confirmed to his son Mr. Daniel Russel (Donor of 1000 Acres to the Colledge) 2000 Acres of the foresaid Land at Saco, a clause in his conveyance to his son is as follows viz.

    I give, grant, and confirm unto my son Daniel Russel 2000 Acres of that my messuage or Tenement lying and scituate in or near the Town of Saco in the County of York or Province of Main; lying in breadth upon Saco River one mile norwesterly, and beginning Just above Salmon Falls; and up in the Main Land till said Quantity be compleated, being bounded by Saco River Easterly, by the Land of William Phillips northerly and westerly &c.

    The preceeding Transcripts I have made this 21 July 1727 from Papers put into the hands of Mr. Benjamin Emons of Boston, by the Reverend Mr. Samuel Woodbridge of Hartford, who married the Daughter of the Reverend Mr. Daniel Russel of Hartford, and in her right claims the one half of the Land described in the Immediately preceeding Quotation. Mr. Woodbridge in his Letter to Mr. Emons Nov. 8, 1726, says, this two thousand Acres of Land has a fine meadow in it of about 60 Acres; that the Tract was laid out by one Mr. Blackman about 30 years past or something better. In his said Letter he desired Mr. Emons to sell his 1000 Acres of Land for him, if he could, for an £100.

    Now follows a clause in the Will of the Reverend Mr. Daniel Russel of Hartford, dated Dec. 20, 1678, proved at Cambridge 14. 1. 1678/9.

    To the College wherein I have taken my degrees in Learning, and which has been a means in some measure to fit and furnish me for preaching the everlasting Gospel (whereof I have sometimes been an unworthy messenger) I give and bequeath one thousand Acres of Land, lying (and being one half of my Grant) at Winter Harbour, to be and remain as the said College Estate forever.

    Lands Papers, Miscellaneous, i. 7. Other copies of the pertinent clause of the Will are in College Papers I, Suppl., 10 (No. 20), Wills, Gifts, and Grants, p. 6, and Donation Book I, p. 167; it is also printed in CSM Publications, xvi. 846. For Daniel Russell (A.B. 1669), see Sibley, Sketches, ii. 284–287. Three dots indicate omissions of legal phraseology common to all such documents.