105 Vote Regarding Increase Mather’s Salary

    [August 16 1695]


    That Mr. Increase Mather the present President of Harvard-Colledge be Earnestly Requested by this Court to Remove his Habitation unto Cambridge, least the Colledge and Churches suffer for Want of his Residence there, and in case he Remove and Settle at Cambridge President there, he shall be paid One Hundred and Fifty pounds annually in Money of this Province Treasury, so long as he shall Reside there, and Attend said services to the Satisfaction of the Corporation.

    And that the Thanks of this Court be Given him for his good service done to the Colledge, and that it be signified to him, that wee Desire no Person so much as himself to Take the Care of that Society.

    Voted by the Representatives August 16, 1695, but not Approved by the Lieut.-Governour and Council.

    College Papers, Supplement, i. 13 (No. 28). A somewhat similar version is in College Papers, i. 19 (No. 44). It ends, however, with: “Voted in the House of Representatives and Past in the affirmative, and sent up to the Right Honourable Lt. Governor and Councill for concurrence and consent, veria copia. Attest Wm. Bond Speaker, Henry Dering, Cler[icus] etc. Voted August 16, 1695.” It does not include the portion relating to the payment of £150 annually. For Mather’s frequent refusals to live in Cambridge see Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 498–500. A similar vote is in Acts and Resolves, vii. 467.