231 John Williams to Mr. Pim

    [London, June 24 1721]

    Mr. Pim Sir

    Mr. Hollis R [. . .]

    From Mr. John Tyler for the goods [. . .]

    and he gave it me, for to gett [. . .]

    Made all the goods very good and Char[ge] [. . .]

    there is only twelve motled guns [. . .]

    Mistake in Sted of Plane which I hope you [. . .]

    the Ship being gon Down so had not time to Make more. Mr. Hollis is in the Cuntory so Ordered me to Ship them And Consign them to you and he will Order Sum Gentleman of Harvant Collidg to Call on You about the Payment. Sir I have troubled You with 4 Casks of Nails and have sent You the Invoice Intreating you to Deliver them to my Freind Mr. John Tyler and to take his receipt.

    You will Oblige Your Friend and


    John Williams

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 16. A tear in the manuscript accounts for the gaps. Enclosed with No. 229.