204 Henry Flynt to John White

    Coll[edge] Apr. 11th 1720


    I think the Settlement of a 4th. Fellow now out of hand to be a Matter of utmost importance. So far as I know we are all aggreed upon the thing and upon the person. It was deferred to the Spring at the Presidents desire and Voted that then there should be a Meeting and that affair should then be considered. The President has been Spoken to by yourself, mee and others. I dont see why any affair of the Colledge may’nt be delayed pro arbitrio contrary to the mind of the Corporation and any vote of the Corporation shammed and trifled with as well as this. But things ought not to be so. As to Mr. Stevens1 illness I should be glad that he had health to be present which I’me affraid he won’t quickly. And Now to delay the meeting on that uncertainty of his Speedy perfect recovery and thereby Expose it also to further delays by other intervening and consequent Accidents I can’t see the reason or prudence of for I think agreeable to our Vote it ought to be now presently done. Your agreed Speedy and repeated Sollicitations of this affair seem Needful and are as Likely as any thing to be Effectual. If not twil be very hard upon us and just matter of complaint. And the Corporation had better appoint the particular Time of their Meeting then be put to such trouble. If my favour in this matter be intemperate you and Mr. Wadsworth to whom you may expose it wil know how to cover other mens Infirmitys. Coll. Samuel Brown2 of Salem has waited above this month to hear of the Corporations acceptance of a Donation of his to the Colledge of £150 which he says in his Letter to mee is ready upon demand. I am

    Sir Your most humble Servant

    H. Flynt

    [Addressed:] Mr. John White Treasurer of the Colledge Living in Boston. per [Elery?] Hannover Street.

    College Papers, i. 52 (No. 112). William Welsteed (A.B. 1716) was appointed Tutor in 1720, he was never a Fellow of the Corporation.