196 John Leverett to Stephen Sewall

    Cambridge October 6th 1719

    Dear Sir

    They Say the Salamander can no more live out of the fire [than] the fish can out of the Water. And We are Sure there are Some that delight in Mischeif, Violence and Injustice that live in flesh, whose master goes about like a Roaring lyon. But we know who Sets bounds to the foaming Sea, which casts up Mire and dirt, and Says to the proud Waves hitherto and no further. I hope we are of the Num[be]r who may Say, We will not fear what man can [do] unto1 us. The Spark2 is gon to York upon the [bu]sieness you heard of, and if that should be over A [h]ook may yet be prepared for his Nostrils. But We must Leave him to him, who can and in his due time will bring him about or down.

    The Account of our diligent and faithfull Schoolmasters death, and that most Suddenly, its true, being Seized by the King of Terrours in the midst of his dinner after he had Return’d well from the publick divine Service, where he Set and lead in Singing as well as ever he had don. He is this afternoon to be Inter’d.3

    Our School at Cambridge must be Supply’d with one that is Resolved to abide in the Calling. It is but meanly endowed by the Town, it never having given the Master as I know of but £25 per Annum. It may in process of time have as much more added to it, when we have Setled Hopkinston to our desire, and According to our Expectations. However If upon your Considering these thing[s] you shalfind it for your Sons4 Advancement and interest. You are sure of, (as far as lye in me to Serve you)

    Your humble Servant

    J. Leverett

    [Addressed:] To the Worshipfull Major Stephen Sewall Esq. These present in Salem.

    John Leverett Papers.