5 Dunster’s Account of Expenses for the Colony

    [October 8 1646]

    An account of Expences layd out for the Country from August 1645 untill this 8th of October 1646.

    First for the printing of five hundred Declarations


    Item for the Diet and washing of the two Indians since 3d of the 8th month hitherto considering the attendance of the younger beeing a very childe what you think meet.


    Item for Physick for James During his sicknes for 5 or 6 weeks


    Item for Physick for Jonathan in that time of his sicknes


    Item for making them 12 bands and 8 shirts and often mending their apparel


    Item for buttons thred and other materials bought of Mr. Russel for them


    Item for half a years schooling for James


    I pray you to appoint mee part of my pay as far as that will reach in the hands of Henrie Shrimpton both because I am ingaged to him and hee hath promissed to accept that pay. And if that the Indians require pay back at his hands I shall bee ready to repay him such as they shal accept.

    Further wheras the Indians with mee bee so small as that they [are] incapable of the benefit of such learning as was my desire to impart to them, and therfore they being an hindrance to mee and I no furtherance to them, I desire they may bee somwhere else disposed of with all convenient speed. So I rest in what I can.


    Henrie Dunster

    [. . . .]1

    Jo. Winthrop Governour

    Mr. Treasurer and William Parkes are appointed to joyne with Mr. Secretary as above is desired.

    Edward Rawson

    We thincke meete Mr. Dunster should be paid £22 16s 2d.

    The magistrates consent to this through the said Committee.

    Jo. Winthrop Governour Consented to by the Deputies Edward Rawson

    For the Dyet of Mr. Pelhams two Indians


    payd to Mr. Sams of Boston for apparell


    Due to Mr. Sams yet as appeareth by his book some other small pirticulars and shall give in to Mr. Secretarie


    payd to goodman [Sewall?] for shooes


    Henry Dunster Papers. This is a photostat copy; the original is in the Massachusetts Archives, xxx, 9. The first part, through the signature of Dunster, is printed in Morison, Founding, pp. 313–314. The last section of accounts is crossed out and is not wholly legible.