78 Examination of Students and Others for Disorderly Conduct

    [January 1676/77]

    [1] Cambridge 4. 11. 1676

    James Allin aged about 17 yeares, student in Harvard College, being examined doth say and confesse that on the 28th of December last Onesephorus Stanley came into his chamber sometime in the forenoone, and continued there untill 3: or 4: of the clock in the afternoone; during which time some other of the students were comeing and going in and out of the said place. And there they had cider fetch in by the said Allin, which he bought of Perce Greene, as he judgeth in all not above 3 quarts, for which they paid 2d a quart.

    He saith that the abovesaid Stanly came again to his chamber the 3d of this instant, sometime in the forenoone, but abode not long there. He denyes that he heard any oath sworn the 1st or 2d time of his being there, or that they had any drink the 2d time.

    James Alling

    Thomas Barnard aged about 18 yeares, student of Harvard College, being examined, doth confesse and say that on the 28th of the last month, he occassionally going into Allins chamber, saw Onesephorous Stanley there, but the said Barnard stayed not in the roome. Also he saith that on the 3d of this instant he went into the same chamber again, and there was the abovenamed Onesephorous Stanley, and Allin with some other of the students. It was about one of the clock, when he came into the chamber and stayed there untill sun about ½ an hour high as he judgeth. He saith that when he came into the chamber he found they had some Rumme which they had ben drinking of and at the request of some of them he fetcht a pint of Rumme from Mr. Angiers, for the payment whereof he received 6d, of the abovesaid Stanly. And when it was mixt with water and sugar, they drank it among them, but he saw no excess. And judgeth that all they had besides that did not exceed one pint mor of Rumme which was fetcht before he came there. He saith that Stanley went out of the chamber with him, at the time abovesaid, and went into his chamber, but went away quickly, he knows not whether.

    Thomas Barnard

    Thomas Cheavers aged about 18 yeares, student in Harvard College, being examined, doth say that he being occasionally present at the chamber over Allins chamber, the 28th of [this instant?] he heard some company there drinking and carousing, among whome he heard the voyce of Onesephorus Stanley, whom he heard to swear sundry times by his faith. He saith he saw none of them, but according to his best judgment and knowledge it was the said Stanley that he heard to swear.

    Thomas Cheever


    5. 11. 76

    Matthew Abdere aged about 21 yeares being examined doth confesse and owne that on the 3d of this instant he was in company with those young men and mayds that mett at Jonathan Canes house; and that there they had a supper provided for them, and had Rumme to drink, and were merry, having singing and danncing, and continued there untill late in the night, as the other persons formerly examined have confessed. He further saith and confesseth that on the 26th of the last month about 10: of the clock in the night sundry young men and mayds mett together at the house of Abraham Arrington after he and his wife were in bed; whose names are in the margent.

    [In margin:] John Mirack, Ephraim Philips, John Collar, David Alexander, Daniel Warrar, Kenneth Mudgen, Mary Ruggles, Ellinor Bowker

    And there they continued till about 12 or one of the clock, as he judgeth; and while there had 1 quart rumme, which as he thinks was brought by Collar and Philips, or one of them, which they mixt with water and sugar. Also they had 1 gallon cidar, which was brought by Ephraim Philips, and was drunk by the company. He saith also that Hannah and Mary Arrington sat up with them and was in their company all the time and drank with them; and Daniel Warrar also continued to the last.

    Mathew Abdere

    his mark.

    David Alexander, aged 17, being examined, saith he was in the abovesaid company and [. . .] is true; only Hannah Arrington went quickly to bed as he thinks quickly after her mother, and Daniel Warrar he thinks stayed not to the last.

    David Alexander.

    his ) mark1

    Daniel Warrar being examined, doth confess that he was one of the company that mett at Jonathan Canes the 3d of this instant in the night, and had there a supper provided, and Rumme to drinking, and had singing and dauncing. And that him [self] was one that did daunts, and Stanly was another that did daunts, and Kenneth Mudgin and Abdere did the one of them also joyne in the dauncing, he knows not certainly which of them. And that they continued till very late in the night, he knows not certainly how long. He also ownes that he was in company with Stanly at one of the student’s chambers the 3d of this instant; and there he drank [3] Rumme with them, at whose charge or who fetcht it he knows not. And this was in the afternoone about 2 or 3 of the clock, as he thinks.

    His X marke

    Daniel Warrarr.

    The abovesaid Daniell Warrarr being examined concerneing his being with the company that mett at Abraham Arringtons in the night the 26th of the last month doth utterly deny that he knows any thing thereof or that he was there at any such meeting, any time of last week. But after confesseth that he was there some time.

    Kenneth Mudgin being further examined doth say and confesse that sometime the latter end of the 3d weeke in December he went with some other young persons to Thomas Frosts house and there mett him

    [In margin:] Ephraim Philips, Mathew Abdere, John Mirriack, Daniel Warrar, Silvanus Warrar, and one other man that came with him, Thomas Frost, and Ephraim Frost, being in the company.

    And there they stayed late in the night, as he thinks it might be one or 2 of the clock. And had to drink 2 quarts of Rumme; one of them was brought by Ephraim Philips and Abdere, or one of them; and himself paid 6d towards it. And some cider also they had, he judgeth 1 quart or two, he knows not certainly how much. Also he ownes that he was at Abraham Arringtons that Tuseday night following, and there was the persons that Mathew Abde doth mention in his examination. And they had drink both Rumme & cider as he hath related.

    his mark


    Kenneth Mudgen


    4. 11. 76

    James Allin being examined a 2d time, doth confesse that on the 3d of this Instant when Stanly was in his chamber there was fetcht about a pint and ½ of Rumme more or less; and mixt with water and sugar which was there drank. And the said Stanley did abide in the said chamber till towards night, drinking with the company there.

    James Alling

    5. 11. 76.

    Mary Arrington aged about 16 yeares doth confesse and say that shee was in the company of these young men and mayds that mett in the night at Jonathan Canes the 3d of this instant. And that they had a supper provided and had singing and dauncing by the young men; and Rumme to drink; and came and wente late in the night, shee knows not certainly what time. Shee also ownes that on the 26th of the last Tuseday night, about 9 of the clocke came in to her fathers house John Mirrick, Mathew Abder, Ephraim Philips, &c. And shee had cider to drink fetcht by Ephraim Philips, and shee thinks had some Rumme; shee knows not certainly how long they stayed there; she judgeth it might be an hower or two. Saith that Daniel Warrar came in, but stayed not long there. Shee saith her father and mother was in bed, and knew nothing as shee apprehends of their coming; and her sister Hannah went also quickly to bed. And for how that shee spake often to them and reprooved them for the noyse they made and urged them to be gone.

    her marke

    Mary Arrington

    Kenneth Mudgin aged about 22 yeares, servant to Thomas Fox, doth confesse and owne that he was one of the company that mett at Jonathan Canes the 3d of this instant in the night, and had there a supper provided for them at their own charge; and had there Rumme to drink; and they had also singing and dansing; and continued together till very late; he doth not certainly know how late; and then got in at the window at his masters house.

    His X marke

    Kenneth Mudgin.


    5. 11. 1676

    Onesephorus Stanley aged about 19 yeares, being examined, doth say that on Tuesday night last he went to Jonathan Canes house about 9 of the clock in the evening with Mathew Abdee, and stayed there till after midnight, and then went to the Colledge, and there knocked at the doore of one of the students chambers, and after often knocking got in and went to bed with the said student.

    [In margin:] At College with him Urian Oakes, Laurence Oakes, James Allin, Thomas Barnard

    He ownes that he came to Cambridge the 28th of December and that he had not much buisnius in the town, and went to the College in the forenoon; and brought at dinner time wood to Mr. Oakes. And in the afternoone went to the College again, and stayed there about an hour and not above. And then and thither sent for ½ a pint of rumme and mixt it with water and sugar and drank it together; and had no other drink there; and before night a good while went from the College. He confesseth also that he went again to the College the last 3d of the week in the forenoon and was in the chamber of James Allen, but made no stay there, as he judgeth not halfe an hour. And in the afternoone spent the most of the time at Mr. Oakes, and some part of the time at the [Maryalls?] and drank cider with Perce Green there, which he bought of him, 1 quart, and paid him 2d for it. And went not againe to the College untill about shutting in, what time he mett with Zachariah Hicks in the said chamber, but they had no drink at the time. In the forenoone he confesseth they had one pint rumme, mixt ½ water and sugar, for which he paid him 6d and was fetcht by James Allin.

    [In margin:] With him: Urian Oakes, Laurence Oakes, James Allin, Thomas Barnard, Daniel Warrar. He saith that Warrer stayed there as he thinks more than an houre.

    His S O mark

    Onesephorous Stanly

    Taken the day and year above before Tho. Danforth.


    On further examination Onesephorus Stanly confesseth that it was he thought nere breaking of the day when he came to the College and knocked at the students chamber doore; and came then from Jonathan Canes, only went homeward a little with Mathew Abdee.

    He confesseth that at Jonathan Canes they had 2 bottles of liquor, i.e. Rumme. Hee judgeth that there was a quart of Rumme drank there which they mixt with water and sugar. He saith there was in company Thomas [Wolf?] who came in and out and stayed not long in the company, John Mirack, Mathew Abdee, and himselfe. Hannah and Mary Arrington, Kenneth Mudgin, and Daniel Warrarr. And that John Mirack and Hannah Arrington went away first, and himself followed soone after them, and overtook them neer the fortification. And Hannah Arrington went away towards [Saml. Hastinge] alone. And Daniel Warrar and Kenneth Mudgin and Mathew Abdee came after them and overtook them at Goodman Arringtons, only he is not certain whether Kenneth Mudgin was with them. He saith that Mathew Abdee acquainted him of this meeting the night before as he came from Charlestown and desired him to join in it.

    He saith that [blank] Adams, Jonathan Canes man came into town with Mary Arrington so they came home. And he also saith that Jonathan Cane came severall times into the room where they were, and after that withdrew into another roome, but did not discharge them Home.

    He saith also that Mary Ruggles, servant to Samuel Gibson, was with them. Shee went with him [self], John Mirriot and Mathew Abdee thether, and came back with himselfe and some others. He saith there was a supper provided for them. They had pork, beeffe, and turnips, an apple py, and had no other drink save new small drink. He thinks it might be about 10 of the clock when they went to supper. He [7] saith he was informed that Hannah Arrington had been there in the day to help Goodwife Cane make it ready; and that Goodwife Cane was with them at supper, sometimes sitting at table, and sometimes from it; and that her husband was not with them. He saith that he paid nothing for anything was [. . .] save only his 3d towards the rumme. He confesseth that there was dauncing and singing, and that he himself and Daniell Warrarr did dance, and John Mirriack was one of them that did sing and that [. . .] who sang.

    He saith also that on 28th of December when he was at College they had severall quarts of cider.

    He further ownes that on the 3d day of the week he was at College most part of the afternoon till towards night, and did also that afternoon send for a pint of Rumme.

    5. 11. 1676

    Hannah Arrington aged about 20 years doth confess that shee was the 3d of this instant at the house of Jonathan Cane. Shee saith shee and her sister and Mary Ruggles were there, and about 9½ of the clock at night there met together Onesephorus Stanly, Mathew Abdeen, Kenneth Mudgin, Daniel Warrar, and John Mirick, and had a supper provided for them by Goodwife Cane, and was most part of it at the charge of the said young men. Shee thinks it was all 2 hours after supper that they stayed there, during which time there was singing and dancing by the young men.

    Her mark

    h a

    Hannah Aarrington.

    Mary Ruggles aged about 20 yeares, servant to Samuel Gibson, doth confess and say that shee was in the company of those that met at Jonathan Canes as is above related. Shee ownes that Onesephorus Stanly went along with her thither, and Mathew Abdee also was in the company. Shee judgeth they might be there about 3 houres. She saith Mathew Abdee invited her to supper there, which was then provided. Shee confesseth one pynt of liquor was brought thither, she knows not by whom, and doth owne that after supper they had singing and dauncing. And saith Onesephorus came back Home with her to her uncles gate and there took leave one of another.

    Her X mark

    Mary Ruggles


    5. 11. 1676

    John Mirrock aged about 23 yeares being examined doth confess that on the 3d of this instant at night he was at Jonathan Canes house. He went thither sometime before 9 of the clocke, and stayed there as he judgeth not above 2 hours. And there was with him Onesephorus Stanly, Thomas Wolfe, and [blank] Adams the said Canes man. And that he caryed 1 quart of liquor with him, which he bought of Mr. Angier and gave him 12d for it. And they burnt it & sugared it and drank it there. He saith Onesephorus Stanlie was the first that moved it to him; and that they had no other drink there but small beare. He saith that Jonathan Cane came once or twice into the roome where they were and stayed but little, and went away again; and in like manner did his wife. He saith that when they came from their house, the said Jonathan Cane was layd on a chest a sleep; and shee was stirring up and down about the house; and he bad them good night. He excuseth Thomas Wolf as comeing there accidentally and not knowing of the meeting of any other at the time. He further ownes that Mathew Abdee was with them all the time of their being there. Also Kenneth Mudgin. He saith these were all that had any share in the drink. He saith that Abdee, Mudgin and himself met 1st together neer to the meeting house Hill, and from there went together to the house of Jonathan Cane, and no other person was in their company, save Stanly who came to them about the wind mill. Also there was Daniel Warrar there, who came in a little after the rest, and did drink with the rest, and stayed there till the company broak up. He saith that there was only 2 of Goodman Arringtons daughters, Hannah and Mary, who were there both of them before he went, he knows not how long; and stayed there he thinks [. . .] above an hour; and that one, Hannah Arrington, went away before himselfe some considerable time; and the other stayed a little after. He saith they had a supper prepared for them there at the charge of himself, Abden, Mudgin, & Warrar; and it cost them 12d a piece. They sent in the provisions and Goodwife Cane made it ready, and Goodman Arringtons daughters. He ownes that Daniel Warrar and Onesephorus did daunce and himselfe sing. Also he ownes that Mary Ruggles went with them and came back with them and was them there all the time.

    John Mirick


    6. 11. 76

    Ephraim Frost aged about 26 yeares, being examined, doth say that the young persons came to his house 8 or 9 of the clock in the night, he knows not certainly how late. He gave them some cider, and some of them brought a bottle of Rumme, he knows not certainly who it was. He saith they came into his house quickly, one after another.

    [In margin:] Ens. Eliott, Samuel Juill, John Dixon, Ephraim Philips, William Cutter, Hannah Arrington, Mary Arrington.

    He acknowledgeth that some young persons were also at his house another night after this first, about the latter end of December. And he himself was in bed when they came, and knew nothing of their comeing or going, only he heard a noyse in the house. He pleads that this was the first offence of this nature and hopes it shall be a warneing to him for the future. Thomas Frost aged about 24 yeares, being examined, doth confess and say that sundry young persons were at their house as his Brother hath owned, among whom was John Dixon, William Cutter, Hannah and Mary Arrington. He saith it was about 9 or 10 of the clock in the night when they came; and he judgeth they might be there 2 or 3 hours, he knows not certainly how long. Also he ownes that there was another meeting of sundry young persons in the night season at their house, and then his brother Ephraim was gone to rest before they came. He saith Daniel Warrar was the first that moved for liberty to come the 2d time; and named some others that he would have liberty for, but was denyed, i.e. his Brother Scilvanus and John Dixon. He saith Mathew Abder and Ephraim Philips brought each of them a bottle of liquor; and they had 3½ quarts of cider of Joseph [Broadeth?]. And he hath been informed that as they went home they agreed of the following meeting at Jonathan Canes.


    He ownes that before they went away, Daniel Warrar and Scilvanus his Brother had a short game at Dauncing and John Merick did sing. He pleads that he charged them never to come there again, and refused to joyne with them in any of their after meetings.

    B W

    Thomas Frost

    [In margin:] Mathew Abde, John Mirack, Ephraim Philips, Kenneth Mudgin, Daniel Warrar, Silvanus ditto, Mr. Wades man.

    6. 11. 76

    Hannah and Mary Arrington being further examined, do say and owne that they were of the company that mett at Ephraim Frosts decieved thither by the acquaintance they had with Ens. Elyot, who was then to go to sea; and that they knew nothing of any other company that would be there. Confess there was Rumme and cider drank, as the others that have ben examined do relate; and that the cider was had of Joseph [Broadeth?] on what condition they know not. But they do say that Ephraim and Thomas Frost were both of them in the company.

    6. 11. 76

    Abraham Arrington aged about 55 yeares being examined, doth say that he was gone to his rest before the company of young persons mett at his house and that when by the noyse he awakened, he called to them to be gone; and threatened to send for the constable in case they departed not; and as to the names of those that were there, or what they had or did he is utterly ignorant, save only by report of others.

    6. 11. 76

    Ellinor Bowker aged 22 being examined, doth confess and owne that shee was in company of those that mett at Abraham Arringtons in the night season, and that shee and Mary Ruggles came there together. Shee saith Mirrack, Abdere, and Mudgin came to her in her house and fetcht her thence; and then got leave to go Home when shee was there on promise to come againe which shee accordingly did.


    5. 11. 76

    Ephraim Philips aged about 17½ yeares, servant to Peter Towne, being examined doth confess and say that He mett with those that went to Jonathan Canes the 3d of this instant, in the evening before they went to Jonathan Canes house, and agreed to go along with them, and payed 12d towards the charge of the expences for a supper to Mathew Abder, but was prevented of going by some Angor that hapened to appear in his master against him. Also he saith that he was with the company that mett at Abraham Arringtons house, and there they had 1 quart Rumme and cider, he knows not certainly how much. That Collar brought the Rumme and himself the cider, which he had from his masters house. (He saith that Abraham Arrington was not gone to bed when they came in) and that he heard his voyce when they went home biding them to be gone, but whether he was in bed or up he knows not. And that Hannah and Mary his daughters were with them all the time, and Mary Ruggles also.

    He acknowledgeth also that he met with those that were at Ephraim Frosts on the Friday at night in December last. And besides those mentioned by Kenneth Mudge, there was then or some other night at the said house John Dexon, William Cutter, John Eliot, Hannah Arrington, Mary Arrington; and that they had 1 quart of Rumme and cider several potts fetcht by Thomas and Ephraim Frost, as hee thought of their owne. He saith that himself caryed 1 pint of rumme, which he bought of Mr. Stedmans, and Math. Abdere brought the other, which he bought of Mr. [Stedman?]. He saith he went thither between 8 and 9 of the clock and found Hannah and Mary Arrington there; and they stayed there till late in the night; he judgeth they might be there 2 or 3 hours. And John Dixon and William Cutter tooke Hannah Arrington with them, and himself and Mathew Abdere accompanyed Mary Arrington home. And they then agreed [12] of the following meeting at Jonathan Canes.

    5. 11. 76

    Jonathan Cane aged about 35 being examined, saith that he was asleep when the young men and mayds came to his house the 30 of this instant in the night, and knew nothing of their coming in or going out nor had they any leave of him to come to his house.

    Jonathan Cane

    6. 11. 76.

    John Collar aged about 16 yeares being examined doth confess and say that on the 26th of December last he was with the company that mett at Abraham Arringtons and caryed with him a pint of Rumme, which he bought of Mr. Angier and fetcht it himself and gave 6d for it. He saith he went thither about 10 of the clocke, and it was about 2 of the clocke in the night when he came thence and that he left some of the company; that he saith he saw Mr. Abraham Arrington all the evening. His wife was in the room with them about ½ an hour. And they had about 1 gallon cider brought by Ephraim Philips. He saith Ephraim Philips was the 1st that moved him to meet at the place and time above; and that he expected to meet with [Ens?] Elyiot there, which was the moving cause of his going abroad that night. He pleads that it was the first time and hopes it shall be the last.

    His mark

    Jno. Collar


    6. 11. 1676

    John Dixon aged 21 yeares being examined doth confess and say that he was in company with those that mett in the night at Ephraim Frosts, and there they had Rumme and cider, and stayed till late in the night, he knows not certainly how long. And the occasion of his going thither was to visit Ensigne Elyott and speake with him in reference to the signing of their dibentere for their wages.

    8. 11. 76

    About 4 mo[nths] since Thomas Frost saith that himself and these were at Goodman [Rives?] house at Nottim. They were about 8 at night and abode there about 3 houres more or less, and there had a bottle of Rum brought as he thinks by one of the Cutters. And he saith this was the first time of himself and of Henry Prentice, as he judgeth, and he resolves shall be the last. He hath also heard of that have had like meetings since. Henry Prentice [swears?] to the same thing. Sworn by Thomas Frost and Henry Prentice.

    [In margin:] John Watson, Henry Prentice, William Cutter, John Dixon, Gershom Cutter, Hannah Arrington, Jonathan Dunster, Gershom Swann.

    William Cutter aged about 24 yeares being examined, doth confesse and say that he was in company with those that were at Ephraim Frost, and had both Rumme and cider. Pleads that he went in their occasionally, and knew not of any company that would be there, nor brought he anything thither. And as for any meeting at unseasonable times which young persons at Nottime, [either?] at Goodman Rives or in any other place, he denyes it and saith he know nothing of it.

    William Cutter

    John Watson aged about 21½ years being examined, doth say that he shall ly under what he is charged with and further refuseth to owne.

    John Watson

    Gershom Cutter aged about 22 years being examined doth say that he knows nothing of the meeting of those that were at Goodman Rives as is said in Thomas Frosts relation.

    His mark

    J C

    Gershom Cutter


    8. 11. 76

    Silvanus Negro being examined doth say and owne that he was one of the company that mett at Ephraim Frosts and that there they had liquor and cider to drink. And his brother and himself did daunce. And some of the company sing. And that he came thither as he thinketh after 10 of the clock, and came thence after midnight. And saith that Peter Hays Mr. Nathaniel Wades servant came with him and returned back with him.

    [On separate sheet, attached to p. 14:]

    To the Constables of Cambridge

    In his Majesties name, you are required to warne John Mirrick, Math. Abdee, Ephr. Philips, Kenneth Mudgin, Daniel Warrar, Ephraim Frost, Thomas Frost, Jonathan Cane, Abraham Arrington, Hannah Arrington, Mary Arrington, William Cutter, John Dixon, Mary Ruggles, Ellinore Bowker, John Collar, David Alexander and (Percefell Greene) that they appeare before such of the magistrates as shall be present at the ordinary in Cambridge the 9th of this instant, at 10 of the clocke in the morning then and their to answer respectively for night walking, and enterteyning of such persons, with other misdemeanors committed by them contrary to law, as they shall then be respectively charged. And hereof you are to make a new returne under your hand and not to faile. dated 8. 11. 1676

    Thomas Danforth

    [On reverse:] According to the sence of this warrent I have warned the severall persons included therein; and for Percivall Green his answer was to me that he should not come.

    per me Andrew Bordman Constable

    [On separate sheet, attached to p. 15:]

    John Sawyer aged about 16 years saith that he heard Abraham Arrington say on Satturday morneing last that had Mr. Danforth medled with the watertown boyes as he hath done with this Towne, they would have fired the Towne over our heads. This was spoaken in the shop of Aron Bordman, and Jacob Hill present.

    John Sawyer

    his marke


    Jacob Hill aged about 19 years doth say and tender to sweare that in the last Satturday morneing Abraham Arrington came in to his master shop and speaking concerneing the examination that had then been made by Mr. Danforth of sundry young persons, the said Arrington expressed much dissattisfaction therewith, saying it was a sad thing young persons could not meet together when they were come home from the warr, but they must be thus requited, and he did beleive if the young men of Watertown should be dealt with in the manner they would go negh to burne the Towne over their eares that should so serve them. And it was a pitifull thing that a young man and a mayd could not be together but such reports must come of it, and he did beleive ere long the young men must pass by the mayds like quakers and take no notice of them, least they should themselves be taken notice of. And if there were any Service to be done for the Country it must be the young men that must do it, and let them do all they could a young man could never be made an old man and if a man were but in a by corner and heard the confession the young persons made before Mr. Danforth he alowes it would be a parcell of such blind stuffe as was not worth the hearkening unto, or words to the purpose.

    Jacob Hill

    9:11:76 owned by Abraham Errington

    T. D.


    4. 11. 76

    Jonathan Cane being examined doth say and owne that Onesephorus Stanly was at his house with some others on the 1st Tuseday at night in this month but they went away between nine and ten of the clocke at night and the said Stanly bid him good night, and he saw him no more. Taken the day and year above before.

    Tho. Danforth

    9. 11. 76

    Onesephorus Stanly being convicted of being a night walker, and of a rude and dissolute behaviour among others that were in his company, as also of frequenting the College and drawing the students from their studyes, and vitiating them by procuring Rumme then to be brought thither and drunk in their chambers. As also of liveing from under family government and all contrary to law and good nurture. Is sentenced to pay a fine of 40s money and costs 3s 6d, and to procure himselfe a master within one month on Penalty of being convicted to bridwell in [. . .] of his neglect.

    Daniell Warrar being convicted of being a common night walker, and refusing to submitt to family order and government, and this being his 2d conviction, is sentenced to (ly in Bridwell be committed to Bridwell there to abide his majesties Pleasure) or only whipt 15 stripes.

    Jonathan Cane being convicted of enterteyneing sundry young persons of both sexes other mens children and servants, unseasonably in the nighttime contrary to law; and upon examination seaking to conceale the same by fallacious and deceitfull answering is sentenced to pay a fine of for his enterteyneing them at his house 40s, and for his fallacious answer ten shillings, all in money, and costs 3s 6d.

    Abraham Arrington being convicted of enterteyning sundry young persons, other mens children and servants of both sexes in his house at an unseasonable time of the night, is sentenced to pay a fine of 40s money and costs. Being also convicted of sundry expressions tending to sedition and breaking down the pales of government is ordered to give £20 bond with 2 surtys in £10 a piece for his good [abbearing?] of appearance at next Court then and there to make further answer thereto, and to abide the order of the Court therein.


    Extracted out of the several confessions.

    At Abraham Arringtons 26. 10. 76

    About 10 of the clocke in the night there they mett and continued till after midnight [. . .] borne—how long. Some of them say 2 of the clocke. Had there 1 quart rumme and 1 Gallon cider. Hannah and Mary Arrington in company, Hannah part of the time only.

    Daniel Warrar utterly denyeth his being at this meeting.

    Ephraim Philips brought the cider and had it from his m[aster].

    John Collar, 1 quart of the rumme bought of Mr. Angier.

    [In margin:] John Mirrick, Ephraim Philips, John Collar, David Alexander, Daniel Warrar, Kenneth Mudgin, Mary Ruggles, Elinor Bowker.

    At Jonathan Canes, 3. 11. 1676

    They had there 2 bottles of liquor. A supper provided for them. Jonathan Cane came serv[ing?] all times into the roome where they were, and did not discharge them Home. Goodwife Cane was with them at supper. There was dauncing and singing. Stanly and Daniel did daunce, and Mirrick sing.

    [In margin:] John Mirrick, Mathew Abdee, Kenneth Mudgin, Hannah Arrington, Mary Arrington, Daniel Warrar, Onesephorus Stanley, Mary Ruggles. Stanly confesseth. Mirrick.

    At Ephraim Frosts

    They came about 8 or 9 at night and stayed late after midnight, and brought a bottle of Rumm, and bought cider of Goodman [Broadeth?].

    [In margin:] Ens. Eliott, Samuel Juill, John Dixon, Ephraim Philips, William Cutter, Hannah Arrington, Mary Arrington.

    At Thomas Frosts, when Ephraim was in bed. Mathew Abdee and Ephraim Philips had each 1 bottle of liquor, and they bought 3 quarts cider of [Mr. Broadeth?] and paid 2d a quart, Dan. and his brother [. . .].

    Daniel Warrar and his Brother daunced and Mirrick sing.

    [In margin:] Daniel Warrar, Mathew Abdee, John Mirrick, Ephraim Philips, Kenneth Mudgin, Silvanus Negro.

    Jan. 5, 1668. Daniel Warrar convicted and admonished for idle absenting himself from his masters house.


    Ephraim Frost and Thomas Frost, appearing and being convicted of enterteyning other mens children and servants unseasonably in the night time, are sentenced to pay a fine of 40s money and costs, 3s 6d.

    • John Mirrick
    • Mathew Abdee
    • Ephraim Philips
    • Kenneth Mudgin
    • John Collare
    • David Alexander


    Scilvanus Negro


    William Cutter

    John Dixon


    Hannah Arrington

    Mary Arrington

    Mary Ruggles

    Ellinor Bowker

    These all of them are convicted of being from out of the house of their Parents and meeting at unseasonable times, and of night walking, and companying together contrary to civility and good nurture, tending to vitiate one another, are sentenced to be admonished and to pay costs, as above. And all of them to stand comitted untill [exonerated?].


    Abraham Arrington as principle in £20 and Capt. Joseph [Hill?] and John Watson as his Suretyes in £10 do acknowledg themselves to stand bond to the credit of the court. On condition that the said Abraham shall be of the good behavior and make his Appearance at next Court of this county to answer for uttering seditious and naughty words, whereof he stands convicted.

    9. 11. 76. Taken by Tho. Danforth

    Mathew Abdee


    Daniel Warrar


    David Alexander


    Kenneth Midgin


    Mary Arrington


    Onesephorus Stanley


    Hannah Arrington


    Mary Rugles


    John Mirrick


    Ephraim Frost


    Thomas Frost


    Abraham Arrington


    Elinor Bowker


    Ephraim Philips


    Jonathan Cane


    John Collar


    John Dixon


    William Cutter


    John Watson


    Gershom Cutter


    Silvanus Negro


    night walkers examined and sentenced 9. 11. 76

    Disorders Papers, 1676. This investigation is noted in Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 459–460, where Abraham Arrington’s remarks (p. 15 of the original) are quoted. Students involved were James Ailing and Thomas Barnard, of the Class of 1679, Thomas Cheever, of the Class of 1677; Percival Green, though not a student at the time, was of the Class of 1680. Thomas Danforth, who seems to have conducted the examinations, was Steward at this time; he was also a Cambridge magistrate.