50 John Stedman’s Testimony

    [April 11 1656]

    John Stedman Aged about 53 yeares testifieth that hee being a legatee of Mr. Joss Glover did receive as he thinks in New England of Mrs. Glover in her widdowhood [full?] payment of his legacy which was fifty pounds; 2ly further hee testifieth that hee paid one Mrs. Shefield in New England (by order of Mrs. Glover in her widowhood) the some of sixty pounds ([. . .] to his knowledge) which was paid to her at Mr. Cotters in Boston; thirdly hee testifieth that during that time hee was tennant to Mr. Dunster upon the Lands at Cambridge belonging to John Glover (which was seaven years) he the said Stedman did cutt of the wood lott in the necke, according to Agreement in his lease, tenn Load of wood per annum, which was seventy load besides he had two or 3 trees for timber from the Gift of Mr. John Glover; fourthly, he acknowledgeth and testifieth that hee had a small fetherbed, bolster and [coverings?] given him at London by Mr. Joss Glover which hee [received] and hee supposeth,1 it was one of the fether beds that was packed up at London; and severall other things he had given him which hee never [received.]

    John Stedman

    Taken upon oath the 11th of Aprill 1656

    Before me Daniel Gookin

    Henry Dunster Papers. Stedman had been in the employ of the Glovers.