249 Thomas Hollis to Edward Wigglesworth

    London June 6, 1722

    Edward Wigglesworth

    Reverend Sir

    From the first account sent to me of your Person and abilities about a yeare since, to fill the chaire of a Professor of Divinity, which I meditated to settle in Harvard College in N. E. for the glory of God and promoting the knolege of true Religion and practical Piety, I conceived a good affection for you and opinion of you. The now repeated recomendation of you by the Corporation and superadded testimony from the honorable and Reverend the Bord of Overseers has confirmed me in it, that I do most reddily come into the approving and confirming of the nomination of you and do hereby declare my acceptance of you, and have by my letter of this date accordingly writ to Mr. President Leverett and the Corporation declaring my reddy concurrence with them in their choice and ordred that they should induct you into the said Office in an honorable and solemn manner, agreable to the rules prescribed by me and as now amended by them, for the better governing my trust committed to them.

    And now I do Intreat you Sir to be dilligent and faithful in the discharge of this Trust, and I conceive hopes that you wil do so, for the glory of God, by instilling useful knolege into the Mindes of your Students, promoting serios Religion and practical godlines by your Doctrine and by your own Example, whereby you wil have inward Peace and credit the chaire you now enter and sit in. And by the blessing of God on your indevors may be a shining pattern to them, who long hence may succeed you.

    If any Students who are called Baptists do now or shal hereafter come under your instruction, I expect that you wil be so far from discoraging them, or suffring their fellow Students to reproch them that you shal equally favour them in what relates to you with the PedoBaptists and Wisely prevent what you can disputes about the Controversy, which by experience I know does not tend to Godly edifying, but ends in vaine Jangling and bitternes of Spirit, and is too frequent in your country as wel as in ours.

    I profes my self a Christian and indevor to live in love and peace with all Christians, though in some perticulars they differ from me, if they hold the Head, and live Godly in Christ Jesus. I own my Opinion is for Adult Baptism, but my practice shews, by the Society I walk with I think not the mode an essential to Salvation, nor do I judg others, but cordially love all who live Godly and declare they love our Lord Jesus Christ in Sincerity.

    And now Sir my prayer to God on your behalf is, that the Lord the Spirit, who has inclined your heart to this Work may impart to you Talents suitable for the discharg of it to the glory of the Father by Christ Jesus, that you may have a sound Mind and a healthful body, Peace in God and Favour with Men so prayes


    Your Loving Freind

    Thomas Hollis

    [Addressed:] For the Reverend Mr. Edward Wigglesworth chosen Professor of Divinity at Harvard College, Boston by Capt. Osborne.

    Hollis-Leverett mss, Houghton Library.