167 Vote Quoting Clause Concerning the Charity of Edward Hopkins

    Pursuant to a Clause in the Decree of the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Great Brittain Dated 19 March, 1712 for the Disposition of the Legacy of Mr. Edward Hopkins in the words following.

    That three fourth part of the Charity proposed to be appropriated to the College be for the incouragement of four Batchelors of Art to reside at the College and perform publick Exercises in Theology in such Manner as shall be approved by the President and Corporation of the College. That if four Batchelours of Art whose circumstances may require Such Charitable assistance shall not be found at one time to accept thereof it be in the power of the Corporation of the College aforesaid to apply it in the same proportion among the Masters of Art that shall reside at the College. That No Master or Batchelour of Art shall in joy the Proportion or any Part of said Charity for more than the Space of five years. That No Master or Batchelour receiving any of the Publick Money shal be intitled to any Part of this Charity. That Every Master of Art or Batchelour of Art who shall be intitled to recieve part of this charity shall be obliged to pay after the Rate of two Shillings in the Pound for what he shall so Receive to the Treasurer of the College for the time being towards a fund for the use hereafter mentioned, Namely to buy books and Reward the industry of such Undergraduates as shall Distinguish themselves by their application to thier Studies as the President for the time being shall think Proper and that in the Election of Batchelours of Art to recieve the benefit of this Charity regard be first had to such Undergraduates as shall by their industry have obtain’d a reward in the manner aforesaid. As to the Grammar School ’tis our humble opinion that the aforesaid quarter part proposed to be appropriated to it be given intirely to the Master of Cambridge School in consideration of his instructing in Grammar Learning five Boys who shall be Nominated by the President and fellows of Harvard College and the Minister of Cambridge for the time being and that the said President and Fellows and Minister or any three of them be visitors of the said School to see that so many Children are taught and every year the week before the Commencement the Boys who shall recieve the Benefitt of this Charity shall give proof of their proficience in Learning at such hour and place as the visitors aforesaid shall think fit to appoint. Voted That the Treasurer Notify the President and Corporation that they appoint the Said Batchelours or Masters likewise to Notify the President and Fellows of the College and Minister of Cambridge to appoint the Boys for the School and that Each of them present the same to the trustees at their Next meeting.

    [Index finger] In the year 1744 was voted to the School-Master Seventy Pounds old Tenor and the School free.

    In the year 1708–9 and to 12 It was 20s and 6/ per Quarter for every Boy that was sent to the School and for every Stranger 10/.

    [Endorsed:] Decree of Chancery respecting Edward Hopkins Legacy, March 19th 1712.

    College Papers, i. 45 (No. 99). Although the decree was passed in 1712/13, no awards were made by the Trustees on behalf of the College until 1726/27. The vote at the end was made at that time, and an additional note was added as late as 1744. For the story of the Charity see Charles P. Bowditch, An Account of the Trust Administered by the Charity of Edward Hopkins (1899). A later account, based on discovery in England of documents preserved by Matthew Evans, is: Alan A. Simpson, “Candle in a Corner, How Harvard College Got the Hopkins Legacy,” CSM Publications, xliii. 304–334.