101 Order for the Payment of Increase Mather’s Salary

    At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Boston upon Tuesday, June 6th 1693.

    Whereas the Reverend Mr. Increase Mather has been appointed President of Harvard Colledge in Cambridge. And whereas the Representatives at the Session of the General Assembly in February last past did vote that there be paid unto him the Sum of One hundred pounds for his officiating at the Colledge the year past.

    Ordered, That Mr. Treasurer pay unto said Mr. Increase Mather the said Sum of One hundred pounds.

    William Phips

    By Order of his Excellency

    and Council.

    Isa. Addington Secretary

    The Sum of one hundred pounds mentioned on the other side, received of Major John Phillips Treasurer. I say received June 14, 1693.

    per me

    Increase Mather

    Corporation Papers.