48 Henry Duster’s Motion

    [April 1 1656]

    To the honoured Court for the County of Midlesex mett at Cambridge the Humble motion of Henry Dunster.

    As I have been so still I am of the minde that men of integrity and prudence among us might bee found by whose help all just satisffaction may bee given about the estate of Mr. John Glover. To three such persons indifferently chosen by [plaintiffs?] desiring accounts and myself of whom they are expected. As I have [tended?] to render the judgment of this case before now, so in testimony of my free spirit therunto I declare to this honoured Court my present willingness still to do. Conceiving matters of accounts (wherin interwoven intricacies of costs, and interests of sundry persons are as in the present case) I say such matters are more [properly?] and easily issued by an audit than by a jury. As the frequent practice of our Courts in such like cases do declare. Which motion may it bee attended, I trust that issue may with speed and righteousness bee attained, to the satisfaction of all men.

    Henry Dunster Papers. In this document, which is in his own handwriting, Dunster suggests that an audit of his administration of the property of Mr. John Glover would be more proper than a trial by jury.