71 Bridgewater’s Response to the Appeal for Funds

    [ca. 1672]

    Right worshipfull and honoured your utmost happiness desired etc.

    Honoured Sir. These are to acquaint you that according to order given by the Court Mr. Keith with myself have endeavoured to promote the designe of the Colledg and have found men generally willing to doe according to the capacity they are in, so that there is promised about twelve pound in Indian Corne to be delivered in the Towne provided it may answer the end, which is aprehended to be very difficult, in respect of transportation, which was the maine discouragement pleaded, that what they should give would turne to little account transportation defrayed, and so shall leave it to the consideration of the honoured Court how to dispose of it. A second thing we should desire your worship with the Honoured Court to consider of, that where as some Lands Lying on this side of the River called Titticut River, have been granted to the Town and no order given to any to purchase it and that person claiming the property, haveing made severall tenders of it to us and seeming to be discontent we attend not the Bussines and he having as wee understand, morgaged some to Mr. Brente, profered some to Samuell Edson, and what to others wee certainly know not, but have [reason?] to suggest our humble desire therefore is to the Honoured court that some course according as shall be thought meete be taken that Court grants may not bee infringed, difficulties increased, with refference to the Loyall purchase of it; as for our Towne affairs through the mercy of God our spirits are generally calme, the cognisence where of will be presented to your worship with the Honoured Court. So deserving the God of all power and mercy to be with you, and to direct you in all your weighty affairs.

    [. . .] your to my power to command William Brett.

    [In margin:] Mr. Keith earnestly desires his respects to be comended to your worship.

    [Addressed:] To the Honoured Governour Mr. Thomas Prence these deliver.

    [Endorsed:] from Elder Bret about the Colledg.

    Corporation Papers. No place and date appear, but James Keith came to Bridgewater as minister in 1662, and Brett was an Elder of the Church there. For reference to Bridgewater’s proposed contribution towards the New College see Morison, Seventeenth Century, ii. 377, n. 1.