3 Deed of Sale to Dunster of Land on Sudbury River

    Anno 1641.

    Know all men by these presents that wee whose names are underwritten have sould from us and our heirs to Henry Dunster President of the Colledge in Cambridge and his heirs for ever all our land lying bounded with his fence on the east, Sudbury River on the North; the meddows that were given to Elizabeth Glover widdow on the west; and on the south bounded with the land which was given by the Towne at the Request of the said Henry for the accomodating of the farme. In witness where of wee have hereunto severally set our hands.

    Delivered in presence of

    Robert Darvell

    his mark D

    John Rudducke

    Edmund Rice



    Jane Goodenow

    Susan Hunt

    her G mark

    John Blanford

    John Mainard

    his mark

    his mark M

    John Woods

    This deede of sale was acknowledged by all the parties above subscribed this 2th of Maye 1656 before me.

    Simon Willard

    This is a true copy of the original subscribed as above witness

    Henry Dunster

    John Emerson

    John Hale

    This short Deed a coppy theirof is a true coppy of its originall as it was Presented unto me the underwritten Notary compared and examined 9: (4): 56 and therewith found to agree per Robert Howard Notarius publicus.

    Henry Dunster Papers. This is a contemporary copy, introduced in the 1656 lawsuit, of the original deed.