75 Leonard Hoar to Simon Bradstreet

    Honoured Sir:

    [Cambridge, January 7 1674/75]

    I did purpose to come to this dayes meeting of the honoured and Reverend Overseers, but my cold increased and the weather so severe I dare not. I desire that for me you will please to acquaint the honoured Overseers that the Reverend Mr. Oakes and Mr. Shephard acknowledging the respect shewed them by your choice to be fellowes doe yet quite refuse to accept of, or hold the said offices. Reverend Mr. Mather will I presume give his own answer.

    Since I spake with your worships I have under the Carpenters hand that he hath received of me £30 14s 11d wherof in the frame he hath layd out about £22. I humbly desire that some body might be appointed to audit and passe it and the account of my own expences about the house1 that I might in that matter receive discharg as is right.

    I am bold to give you this molestation because I can not come this day. And to none so freely as to yourself did speak of it, and other things that might alleviate and expedite my resignation, which I must leave unto your and their equity and prudence to be mentioned and determined wherin [silenced?] and in all your publike counselle that the Lord would direct you is the prayer of

    Your freind and humble servant

    L. Hoar

    Corporation Papers. This is a photograph of the recipient’s copy, which in 1909 was owned by Miss Theodora Willard, of Cambridge. Leonard Hoar (A.B. 1650) served as President from 1672, resigning on March 15, 1674/75. Simon Bradstreet was not Governor at this time.