391 Account of Rowley Lands

    March 18, 1731/2

    An Account of sundry distinct Parcels of Land in Rowley, belonging to Harvard College, given formerly by the Reverend Mr. Ezekiel Rogers Minister in Rowley, is as folioweth viz:

    1. Plow Land



    2. Plow Land


    3. Plow Land


    4. Pasture Land at Hounslow Hill about


    5. Horse Pasture about


    6. In the Warehouse Pasture, about


    7. Marsh at Sandy Bridge


    8. Cowbridge Marsh about


    9. Satchel’s Fresh meadow, about


    10. Highway Marsh, three Quarters of an Acre

    The two other Divisions of Land, called the upper and lower Divisions, in each of which the College has 8 Lots of about five Acres in each, these Lots recorded and their particular Bounds, described


    According to this Account, the College has 196 Acres of Land in Rowley, lying in 26 parcels distinct, mostly if not wholly, from one another. And besides what is here mentioned, ’tis thought the College has right to sundry other parcels of Land lying in different places in Rowley. Query, would it not be for the Benefit of the College to sell all these Lands in Rowley, the parts being thus seperated from one another; and with the price of them to buy one distinct Farm by itself, to bear the name of the Reverend Mr. Ezekiel Rogers’s Gift to the College? It being evident also, that sundry incroachments have been allready made, on parcels of Land in Rowley belonging to the College; and the corporation being so far distant, and continued only by election and succession, it’s scarcely possible that they should inspect and defend the College Right in the Premises.

    There are also several other small parcels of Land belonging to the College, which are so distant from one another, that it might be proper to consider, whether the College had not better sell them, and with price had for them buy some other Lands, that might be more for the Benefit of the College; such small parcels are, in Lexington, about Acres 6 or 7.

    In Cambridge Neck, a long narrow piece of

    3½ Acres.

    Meadow at Fresh pond, In Cambridge

    1½ Acre.

    At Menotomy to Dickson and Butterfield

    4½ 28 rod.

    At Menotomy to Swan

    1¾ 20 rod.

    Voted that the College address the General Court for leave to sell these Lands in Rowley.

    The College has four rights in mill-swamp in Rowley, so said Mr. Smith of Rowley April 5, 1733.

    [Endorsed:] Small Parcels of College Lands, in Rowley &c.

    Rowley Lands Papers. The Corporation finally (on June 20, 1733) voted to ask permission of the General Court to sell the Rowley lands (CSM Publications, xvi. 611–612). Permission was granted on February 15, 1733/34 (CSM Publications, xvi. 622). Also Acts and Resolves, xi. 777–778.