353 President Wadsworth to Treasurer Hutchinson

    Cambridge, July 31, 1727.

    Honoured Sir

    I just now recieved yours of the 29th and thank you for your information from Mr. Grover. Mr. Hollis Scholars for the last year were, Sir Condy, Brewer, Wood, Marsh, Lovel, Chaundler, Walter, Hancock Junior, Loring, Williams Junior. I suppose two of these have allready recieved their ten pounds of you, viz. Brewer and Chaundler; the rest must be paid (I think) to the Steward.

    The Bearer says, the Ferryman gave him your Letter to me, he himself had business as far as the causey at Charlestown, the rest of the way he came on purpose to bring your Letter, and says he’ll convey this to you tomorrow morning; therefore I think you ought to give him some small reward out of the College money.

    Your Humble Servant

    To the Honourable Coll.

    Benjamin Wadsworth.

    Edward Hutchinson.

    Corporation Papers. The recipients of scholarships were: Jeremiah Condy (A.B. 1726), Daniel Brewer (A.B. 1727), Joshua Wood (A.B. 1727), Joseph Marsh (A.B. 1728), John Lovell (A.B. 1728), James Chandler (A.B. 1728), Nathaniel Walter (A.B. 1729), Ebenezer Hancock (A.B. 1728), John Loring (A.B. 1729), William Williams (A.B. 1729).