410 Henry Newman on the Doddridge Bequest

    Bartletts Buildings

    25th July 1733


    I have herewith sent a Copy of Mr. John Dodderidges Will and also Mr. Gregory’s Letter concerning a Legacy of £10 per annum left to the College in New England the payment of which has been discontinued ever since 1687. Mr. John Lowring the Elder is supposed to have been the surviving Trustee and to have left some directions about conveying his Trust in his will but I have searched in the prerogative Office at Doctors Commons and don’t find his Will was ever proved there. Perhaps it is done at Exeter or some other place in Devon where a Registry is kept of Wills, a Copy of which I desire you would procure for me.

    That you would inform yourself who enjoys the Sheaf or Tythes of the Rectory of Fremington since the death of Mr. Ackland and whereabouts may be the Annual Value of them, whether the Lecturer of Fremington and the Incumbent of Ilfracombe received their £50 Annuitys to each out of the said Sheaf or what proportion of their respective Annuitys, if they receive anything, and the names of the present Lecturer and Incumbent of the said parishes and whatever charge you are at in making these enquiries shall be thankfully defrayed by


    Your most humble Servant

    Henry Newman

    P.S. I have wrote several times to Mr. Gregory about the subject of this Letter but can get no Answer from him since his Letter of which I here send you a copy which is the reason of my giving you this trouble and I shall be glad to know whether he is living or has left off business or what may be the reason of his silence.

    Wills, Gifts, and Grants, p. 53. One of a series of copies of documents relating to the Doddridge bequest. Possibly addressed to Mr. Challis, attorney on the case.