320 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    London April 28, 1725


    Deare Sir

    I have written largely to you and other freinds with two chests books by Capt. Osborn. I hope ere now are all well arrived and acceptable. Since which I have received two letters from you, one dated November 30 which I received April 5, one other dated January 27 with some books and a letter to your Brother inclosed April 12. What concerned your brother I gave to him I think the same day. Mr. Edward Boylston was to see me 2 or 3 times, the Doctor also, are both in health—has sold but one of his horses. I feare he over vallues his horses, and will never gett the prices offred again, he is said to have refused.

    The occasion of my writing this letter is—I have an acquaintance who has a mind to make a present to your College Library, who had seen or heard of some performances of the Royal Acadamy of Paris which he liked. He sent last yeare to Paris to buy them. They are come over in sheets and now are binding up, being about 25 volumes in quarto, and will cost neare £25 Star. They are all in french, Histoire de l’academie Royale des Sciences, avec les Memoires de Mathematique et de Physique &c. a Paris.140 I told my freind how little you esteemed Bayles Dictionary because in French. He replyed, he would waite, and not send them till he heard from you, that you estemed such performances and desired them. Pray Sir consult my Professor and send me both your opinions, so soon as you can because if you dont like these, he will send some other books, but not so costly.

    I had 5 ginnees from Mr. Ducane towards buying the volums of sermons that are printed and were preached at Mr. Boyles Lectures.141 They are now binding. I think to send them shortly, presuming, they will be acceptable, and that I may have moneys to make up, of some one sent me, if not, to do it my self.

    My love and servise to you and my Professor.


    Your very Loving Friend

    Thomas Hollis

    Mr. Cotton was lately with me and read his second letter to me, which I think will more fully expres his mind, then the former did, of which I made some mention to you in my last.

    [Endorsed:] No. 38.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 60.