449 Lease to William Hagar

    [March 25 1738]

    This Indenture of Lease made the twenty fifth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight Between Edward Hutchinson of Boston in the County of Suffolk Esq. as he is Treasurer of Harvard College…. and William Hagar of Waltham …. yeoman … all that certain messuage or Tenement, […] or Tract of land, situate lying and being in Waltham aforesaid, in the present Tenure and occupation of the said William Hagar, containing by estimation One Hundred and Forty seven Acres … during the term of two years … paying therefore half yearly, during the said term … the half yearly rent of sixty pounds in good Bills of Credit … on the twenty fifth day of September and March in each year, by even and equal portions … and also, That the said William Hagar … will maintain the said messuage and premisses in good repair, that he will sell no wood off the said Farm, that he will burn no more wood than is necessary for his own fire; That he will sell no Hay from off the said Farm; but spend it all upon the Farm and that he will leave as much Hay upon the Farm as is now purchased for him to winter out his Stock, that is to say, four load of the best English and eight load of good blue grass at fifteen hundered per load each sort, at the end of this Lease, and that he will take no under Tenant or under Tenants into the premisses without lycense from the Lessor … Likewise he will pay all rates and Taxes that shall be levied … that he will […] the Dung and muck which he shall make upon the said Farm … he … shall be at Liberty to use the bark of what Trees he shall cut for rail Timber, as often as he shall be necessitated to cut the same for fencing the said farm …

    Edwd. Hutchinson

    Treasurer of Harvard College

    Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us

    The word (hundered) interlined before signing

    John Coverly

    John Larrabee

    Rogers Farm Papers. The Farm, which was in Waltham, was purchased with money received from the sale of property in Rowley, which had been given to the College by Rev. Ezekiel Rogers. A few routine papers relating to the Farm before 1750 have not been copied. There are tears in the ms; three dots indicate the omission of legal phraseology common to such documents.