489 Lease for Palmer Cleaveland

    [December 28 1748]

    Whereas in the Farm given to the College at Naraganset, there are 190 Acres of Woodland not as yet Lett to any Tenant, and That Mr. Palmer Cleaveland to whom has been lett for some Time a part of said Farm, desires that he may have leased to him the said 190 acres for seven years, promising he will fence the said 190 Acres with virginia fence, and bring to, to English Grass, 20 Acres of the said 190. It is therefore hereby agreed between the said Cleaveland and us, that he shall have a lease according to the above condition provided, he use all the Timber he shall cut off of said Twenty acres, which is fit for fencing, for the fencing the said land, and that he shall cutt no wood off of the other parts of the 190 acres, but what shall be improved for the fencing of the Land, and that he shall pay all Taxes shall be levied upon said Land.

    The seven Years of said Lease to begin upon March 25, 1749. The said twenty acres to be adjoyning to some parts of the land which is already cleared, viz. to the Southward of Mr. Cleavelands dwelling house. These several Articles agreed to by Mr. Cleaveland and us Dec. 28, 1748.

    Narragansett Farm Papers, p. 14. The ms is torn, but it appears that nothing is lost.