406 President Wadsworth to Ammi Ruhamah Cutter

    Cambridge, March 7, 1732/3

    Reverend Sir

    About a week agoe I received your Letter of Jan. 30 and Mr. Souls inclosed of Jan. 27. I thank you and them for the care you’ve taken about Merricaneag; two days past these your Letters were read to the Corporation, they were pleased to find you had been so kind and carefull. The three Pounds, due to the two Mr Souls (for their travel and pains) is ready for them, when proper orders and directions come; inasmuch as we know neither of those two men, I think it might be proper (if you and they think fit) that you should send some written directions about paying the money. The Corporation would be glad, if you would send two men for a day, now and then, to inspect Merricaneag and observe who are tresspassing there, or carrying off Timber, Lumber &c. That these two men (who better than the two Souls?) would immediately take down in writing what they observe, as to the trespass committed, and by whom, so as to be able to swear to what they write if there should be occasion. As this method might inform us, so it might caution trespassers to desist lest they expose themselves to trouble. I pray you to use your discretion in sending two such men, not too often (to occasion needless charge to the College), nor too seldom, so as to hazard the progress of strip and wast. About the year 1717, Major Moodey of Falmouth had a Letter of Attorney from the College to secure (or take care of) their right to Merricaneag; and I’m informed, that Jacob Collins (now of Lynn) and Samuel Proctor (now of Falmouth) were imployed by Major Moodey our Attorney, to observe whether trespass was committed on Merricaneag, and that they found John Sawyer (now of Falmouth) and John Mariner of Boston, trespassing there, and informed Major Moodey of it; to our Attorney ’tis said also, that these Trespassers paid for the trespasses they committed. I wrote to the present Capt. Moodey, he knows nothing what his Father did pursuant to his power of Attorney. I intreat you to inquire of John Sawyer of Falmouth, if he trespassed on Merricaneag about An. dom. 1717, and for his trespasse paid anything to our Attorney, and will give his oath of such payment this might considerably help our cause, by showing that so long agoe we claimed Merricaneag, and recovered damage of Trespassers on it. I intreat you to inform yourself as soon as may be in this matter, and if Sawyer will swear that he paid damage as aforesaid, I should be glad to have his oath sent forthwith, and your charge we shall readily and thankfully defray. Your Humble Servant

    Benja. Wadsworth

    [Endorsed:] For the Reverend Mr. Ammi Ruhamah Cutter in North Yarmouth, Mar. 7, 1732/3 about Merricaneag.

    Merricaneag Neck Papers. File copy.