341 Notes on Rowley Lands

    [November 14 1726]

    We think it proper that the Tenants att Rowley should be directed to fence in the ten Acres that lye without fence att Hounsley Hill, 2 or 3 Acres on the South East Corner of the Hounsley Hill Pasture which were possessed by Clark in right of the College but left without fence and now claimed by one Lambert. We think it proper that Lamber[t] should be discoursed with about and the College right to said Land examined.

    In the Warehouse Pasture there is half an Acre claimed by the Town for a ship yard but they have no record of such a grant, proper to discourse the Select Men about it.

    We find Mr. Payson had made some small incroachment on the upper house Lott on Bradford Street, the argument he offers for it is his having been att some extraordinary charge in keeping up the outside fence but it is not thought by the [proprietors?] that there is any force in the argument. We think it proper for the President in the name of the Corporation to write to him about it.

    There are 2 ox Pastures 28 Acres in Each belonging to the estate of Mr. Rogers. We suppose that two thirds of it belong to the College, proper to treat with the Selectmen, and proprietors of said Pastures in Our place?.

    There is a large peace of Marsh called Hog Island we are told the College has an interest there but we have met with no records that gave any light in that matter we with […] to Stir about it att present.

    Rowley Lands Papers. This item is doubtless a result of the Report, in the preceding number.