356 Treasurer Hutchinson to President Wadsworth

    Boston Sept. 20th, 1727.

    Reverend sir

    Yesterday Mr. Colman sent down to me the Corporations Address to the King to get drawn fair,235 and desired me to forward it to you, accordingly I got Mr. Tiley to draw it over, and now inclose the same. I hear Capt. Carey talks of saileing on Fryday or Satturday next.

    On Fryday last was a Meeting of the Trustees of Hopkinston at which time they voted the acceptance of Sir Hancock236 and Sir Prentice237 to be on Mr. Hopkins foundation for the year currant but chose to have their Christian Names, and left the other person which is to be in the room of Sir Woods238 to be nominated by the Corporation and returned to them for their acceptance. They likewise ordered the Treasurer to pay unto the Schoolmaster of Cambridge £42.03.6¾ being one fourth part of the income now in his hands ariseing from the Rents of Hopkinston; I pray you will informe Mr. Danforth that his money is ready for him. I am

    Sir Your Humble Servant

    Edwd. Hutchinson

    [Addressed:] To the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Wadsworth, President of Harvard College in Cambridge.

    College Papers, 1. 75 (No. 155).