297 Thomas Hollis to Benjamin Colman

    [London April 21 1724]

    Deare Sir

    I have written unto you many letters this Spring which I hope will come safely in course unto you. On our 18 April I received yours dated 20 Feb. with a sticht book; which the Captain was pleased to put in to the post, cost me 2s 7d postidg from Deale; 2½ weight is too heavy for the post. I supose your design was he should have delivered it at the coffe house to me himself, and he did me the same kindnes in a packet from Mr. Callender, sent it up by the post, though Mr. Callender in his letter says to me he (Capt. Wakefeild) promised him to deliver it to me personally. When they put all their letters and packets into one bag at Boston together, they think no more but deliver all at first place they ankor at.

    I have read Mr. W[igglesworth]’s book,83 and aprove well of the performance, and thank the unknown Author for it, as well as you Sir that have sent it me. I showed your letter and it, to my Cousin D. Neale; he was willing Mr. Hunt should read it first and he has it now before him.

    I send you by this bearer Capt. Meade a smal present from my Nepheu Thomas Hollis84 for the College Library viz.

    Pridaux 3 vollums85 and Eckards86 2 Volums qt. Histories, and connection of the 2 testaments and ending with Constantine, fitt for a library, and we did not find them in your Catalogue.

    In a little time I hope to send you another present from a good Author, you will not be displeased with. This packet I hope will be delivered without charge to you, as I design it. I saw your Dr. Cook yesterday, he seems shy of me, and I think of your Brother, with whom and Mr. Neale I sat at one table, and He at another by us, without exchanging a word. Lord Cartaret is out from being Secretary and Holles D[uke] of Newcastle in his place. When your Governors affairs will be taken into Consideration I know not. I supose our Parlament will rise next week, and the King take a progres to York &c.

    Your Loving friend

    Thomas Hollis

    We had lately a Court for propogating the Gospel among the Indians and Mr. Sewells87 letter was read desiring to be dismist from his Tresurership at Boston and it was agreed that Mr. Edward Hutchinson should succeed him if he will please to accept it, and I supose a letter is sent, pursuant to that Resolution. And he is desired to accept of it, and to receive our Bonds, Cash &c. of Mr. Sewell, and that we would make out a new Commission and insert his name, as soon as we know his mind, and not forget yours also. I gave him a hint of my design to nominate him, in my letter to him, I think was sent by Osborn, whom I hope is now safe arrived with you. If he should make excuses, I hope you will use your good offices to perswade him.

    Yours T.H.

    [Addressed:] For Mr. Benjamin Colman in Boston N. E. by Capt. Meade sails in the Dove with Capt. Winter.

    [Endorsed:] No. 29.

    Hollis Letters and Papers, p. 50.